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Fetish Army Cooldown Time...?

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My friend was wondering, if you had Fetish Army with this build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#P!U!b what would the cooldown be? The rune reduces it to 50 seconds, however, the passive also reduces it by another 25%.

So would it be 50 x .75 = 37.5 seconds?
Or would the cooldown time be reduced to some other number?


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well if the passive didn't help i think it would be weird... as it would be useless. its either going to be the number you stated, or it just wont work.

what i want to know is how many of them get summoned and if they are targetable.

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It is worded rather awkwardly so it seems the only way it would work is the way you specified ending in a 37.5 (38 most likely) second CD.
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why wouldn't it be 37.5 seconds.
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Yeah 20 seconds uptime, 17.5 seconds downtime.

I'm thinking they did this to make it semi 'spammable' (spammable for a 2 minute cd spell anyway lol) to offer different type of builds, much like the 4 second cd rune for Mass Confusion.

I like the direction they are going with this sort of thing too - not just making small changes, but big, notable changes that fundamentally change the role the spell plays in a build.
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I actually think there might be a possibility for the cooldown to be 20 seconds, and not 37.5 seconds.

Thats based on the hope that the 25% cooldown from tribal rites will always decrease the cooldown based on 120 seconds, even when there is a gold rune. That would mean (50 seconds - 30 seconds = 20 seconds).

That would make the skill spam-able (the flayers last 20 seconds). Of course, this is all speculation.
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We'll find out in due time...
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