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Beefcake Dogantuan Sniper

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A build designed around buffing yourself and your Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan. They provide you the necessary cover to snipe away in relative safety.

Active Skills

Zombie Dogs obviously to utilize Sacrifice and to soak up dmg.
Runed for 85% chance to drop health globes upon death

Sacrifice for your AOE and dmg buff
Runed for up 160% dmg for 60 secs.

Gargantuan for your beefcake cleaving and tanking action
Runed for Cleaves at 700% physical dmg

Mass Confusion for either panic button or secondary source of zombie dogs
Runed for 99% chance of zombie dog spawn upon enemy death

Soul Harvest for a heavy buff to attack rating
Runed for 5940 mana every 15 secs

Poison Dart for your single target spammer. This ability costs 176 mana for heavy dmg.
Runed for instant 255 fire dmg

Passive Skills

Zombie Handler gives you 4 dogs and increases their health and the Gargantuans health by 60%.

Pierce the Veil for 20% extra dmg for extra mana cost. This is perfect as poison dart is an efficient ability coupled with the mana recovery from Soul Harvest.

Gruesome Feast for an up to 50% attack buff that will stack fast due to Sacrifice and zombie dogs having an 85% chance to drop health globes on death.
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I'm assuming you only plan on Sacrificing your dogs 1-2 times a minute so you can always have them up (Second time comboing Sacrifice with Mass Confusion). That means your only consistent AOE damage is your pet with cleave. We don't know how hard/weak he hits, so it's hard to say if that's enough AOE to blow through typical 3-4 mob packs fast enough.

For me, I'd tweak it by replacing Poison Dart with an AOE spell since the majority of the time you'll be killing trash mob packs. Firebomb with a crimson rune or one of the flavors of Acid Cloud like alabastor or crimson.

I also think Pierce the Veil's +20% damage is over rated since you'll get a lot of +% damage gear. As I recall, one beta Wizard has over +75% damage gear already, so by late game it'll probably be +500% damage gear. I'd replace Pierce the Veil with Spiritual Attunement for a bigger mana pool and extra regen for spamming AOE spells.

In any case, it'll definitely do the job with the Sacrifice and Soul Harvest damage buffs which is where your real damage boost is at.
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i agree with spooky i would rather switch up poison dart with frogs with the white rune so u can have confusion as well :D
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Good feedback on this thing, thanks.

I realized that the aoe dmg was infrequent but I figured the dogs counted as a multi-target type attack themselves with the buff. I was thinking a sacrifice followed by a mass confusion then snipe targets for new dogs and then wait to use Sacrifice again until Zombie Dogs can be cast again.

I didn't know that +%dmg gear was so readily available. In that case then Pierce the Veil would be a little less than worth it to be slotted.

A couple of tweaks:

Acid Cloud with Crimson Runestone for Corpse bombs.
A lot of dmg and it's reminiscent of the Fishymancer style of play.
Strong melee pets and exploding corpses to clear rooms.

Spiritual Attunement to replace Pierce the Veil
The extra mana sounds nice since Acid Cloud is a bit more expensive than Poison Dart

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I realized that the aoe dmg was infrequent but I figured the dogs counted as a multi-target type attack themselves with the buff.

Nice changes. Just a side note, your pets don't gain any damage from the Sacrifice buff. The Sacrifice buff only affects your damage spells.

Pets do scale off of Attack though. So your Soul Harvest buff and the Attack passive will boost your pets damage when active.
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Some more changes.

The Big Bad Beefcake Dog Corpse Fetishist Bomber

Active Skills:

Zombie Dogs for dogs and health globes and 160% buff

Fetish Army instead of Gargantuan to make better use of Tribal Rites passive

Sacrifice for AOE and 160% dmg buff

Big Bad Voodoo for dmg buff and 85% zombie dog spawn

Soul Harvest for attack buff and mana recovery

Acid Cloud with Corpse Bomb rune for main damage spam

Passive Skills:

Zombie Handler for extra dog

Gruesome Feast to stack attack power on dog death

Tribal Rites to maximize fetish army

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