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Shadow Power Question

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Since we haven't seen it in action outside of demo videos it's not clear yet, but how do you read the tool tip for Shadow Power: Does it apply to all skills, or only regular attack? Based on what we saw in the video, where they used rapid fire, I was assuming it applied to all skills, but I've seen some people assume it's only for the regular attack. Seems really boring compared to archon if that's the case.
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It appears to be based on the Hunter Skill Rapid Fire from World of Warcraft (several DH skills steal from Hunter and Rogue)

RF applies to all attacks, normal and special, I expect Shadow Power to do the same.
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Diablo isn't like WoW. The "auto attacks" (this name doesn't make a lot of sense in diablo- they are more accurately "regular attacks") are not separate from "special attacks". Special attacks replace regular attacks in almost all circumstances. Increases in speed affect specials as they do regular attacks.
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At the very least to me, it looks like it will apply to:

1. Normal Attacks
2. Rapid Fire
3. Evasive Fire
4. Entangling Shot

I am not sure about all of the other stuff since things like Strafe seem to fire at a set interval, Multishot fires all its arrows at once, and not sure if things like Cluster Arrow or Grenades will fire any faster, or if they'll explode faster when under the speed increase.
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The easiest way to see it is to think of attack speed increase as WoW's haste stat, with every demon hunter spells having a cast time equal to their animation time.

Faster attack speed will launch the skills faster, allowing you to spam them faster.

edit: or so I think, I don't really have any solid source for this.
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