Diablo® III

Is spectral blade...

Considered a "melee hit" or a "melee attack" or neither?
Asking cause the skill "Magic Weapon" wondering if the 2 skills combo together.
Would http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#XW!!aZ mean that every time I hit/crit with Spectral Blade I would heal myself for 100% of the damage done and catch the mobs on fire?
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Im sure anyone planning on messing around with the Idea of a melee Wizard wants to know the answer to this :(
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I was wondering the same thing.

If not then they should change the tooltip to "default" attack, to be more clear.
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I'm tempted to think that it doesn't count as a melee attack, and that the only magic weapon rune that would affect it is the obsidian one. )=
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i wish it did but i doubt that it will, especially when you consider that spectral blade has a range (from what i inferred from the description)

i really want to try out a melee wizard tho :O
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^thier and spec blade blows get hydra if u dont like archon...
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85 Night Elf Druid
The word is that Magic Weapon does work with Spectral Blade, but no one seems sure about the special effects, like say the fire damage, that comes off of runes from Magic Weapon. Who knows what changes might happen in the future also (or may have already happened), but still. Encouraging :D

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Honestly, it would be kinda' dumb if Magic Weapon and all of it's rune combinations did not apply to Spectral Blade.
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Yea agreed, if the 2 skills have no synergy together then the idea of a melee Wizard just got really boring.
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pretty sure they dont as the magic weapon is a buff... along with the fact that spectral is NOT A MELEE attack.... its from a spell.... reading it helps with life....
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09/18/2011 04:48 PMPosted by theshade
pretty sure they dont as the magic weapon is a buff... along with the fact that spectral is NOT A MELEE attack.... its from a spell.... reading it helps with life....

So does tact in social interaction.

Magic damage's base buff definitely affects spectral blade, as it increases weapon dmage, which is the basis for spectral blade's damage. I've seen it tested by a streamer. That also means the obsidian rune should also affect it. What's still up in the air is all of the "on melee hit" effects.
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the melee hit effects..... pretty sure you just answered it yourself.... will have 2 test it out glad they allow 10 chars :)
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anyhow..... pretty sure this setup im posting will blow the melee mage out of the WATER by a ton... so enjoy.. can change slow time 2 140% attack speed if that 2 much dmg increase...
but gl with the whole melee mage dealo

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