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Let's create witch doctor builds together?

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I want this thread to be like a collaboration.

I have a few 'names' of builds that i've just made up, but I have not assigned any skills to them so far.

Here's what I have:


So i'm thinking... It's much better to define the PURPOSE of the build before actually making it.
Now... how is this going to work?

We could start off with one build, let's say the Anti-Melee.... Then if you had a suggested change, you could quote the build link and build name and list your suggestion.

Like so:

Build Link:

Build name:

My suggestion is as follows...

x, y, z

end post.



who would like to partake!?

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Defensive Caster -- Hardcore Build

    Firebomb with Golden for improved single target DPS.
    Locust Swarm with Indigo for improved AoE DPS.
    Zombie Dogs with Alabaster for improved tanking and self healing.
    Wall of Zombies with Indigo for improved defensive control.
    Spirit Walk with Alabaster for self healing and escapes.
    Horrify with Golden for "oh !@#$" and mana regen.

    Pierce the Veil for DPS.
    Zombie handler for tanking.
    Spiritual Attunement to support Pierce the Veil.
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Necrotic summoner


Zombie dogs: Crimson - added fire AoE damage.
Gargantuan: Indigo - Cleave with (every?) attack doing 700% physical damage.

Sacrifice: Alabaster - recycle dogs while dealing massive AoE damage.
Spirit Barrage: Indigo - shoot additional bolts to separate enemies. (More AoE)
Haunt: Alabaster - Modifies to do more damage over short period of time.

personal sustainability
Soul Harvest: Crimson - attack buff along with health gain per cast.

Zombie Handler - more dogs and health for summons.
Pierce the veil - more damage output
Rush of essence - Regain mana spent on spirit spells over 10 seconds.


Will sacrifice be sufficient way to recycle dogs?
Does the gargantuan's cleave ability spam with every attack?
Will the enemies die within the short duration of resentful spirit of haunt? (later difficulties)

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Firebomb (Crimson) - Makes for a brilliant orange massive AoE attack.
Plague of Toads (Alabaster) - Adds a nice splash of yellow spam on top of confusing enemies to slow the swarm of baddies and sneak more damage in.
Haunt (Golden) - You need some blue, it's a god damned primary color. Also feeds directly back into my mana pool.
Zombie Charger (Crimson) - Giant red zombie bears. Need I say more?
Wall of Zombies (Indigo) - Keeps mobs off me as I paint.
Hex (Obsidian) - I wanted some green. Poison clouds are traditionally green. Also: Exploding chickens.

Death Trance, Pierce the Veil, Spiritual Attunment. Helps me paint.


Will the lack of any CPU controlled pets end up biting me in the !@#?
Will Zombie Bears not be awful?
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Linking worked really poorly so i had to do it this way, they should be in order


Defensive build with lots of summons

fetish army

Toads is the only spammable skill and the nice part about that is you can keep moving at all times running from enemies. You have a ton of summons to get between you and whatever wants to kill you.

Solo Build with one summon

Locust Swarm
Plague of Toads
Zombie Dogs

I couldn't ignore one summon to keep enemies at arm's length, the dogs seem terrific for that purpose. The main point of this build is to be "mid-range" not over offensive and not over defensive.

With both builds the runes are only in the link because i am far too lazy.
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wall to keep mobs busy while i swarm them with bugs and poison gargantaun to spill more poison mass confusion for the lols and soul harvest to refill mana if needed

looks fun to try
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