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How does Blizz feel about D3/beta/community?


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09/15/2011 08:05 PMPosted by DiabloThree
blue stop posting long and useless junk that we don't care or want to read about thanks

You need to calm down and stop complaining.
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That was awesome Daxxarri, thanks for the insight.
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I donno bout you Capn but i go that extra mile and jump in all 3 legs at once. I'm jus' sayin'.
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Forever young, i wanna be forever young
Do you really want to tease forever, forever and ever?

I would like to play this wonderful game sometime before the day i can't use the restroom without assistance.

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09/15/2011 08:05 PMPosted by DiabloThree
blue stop posting long and useless junk that we don't care or want to read about thanks

And this is the reason their is bad blood in the forums. Thanks for the comment. I like seeing blues interacting with the community. What is your problem? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed or what?
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09/15/2011 08:05 PMPosted by DiabloThree
blue stop posting long and useless junk that we don't care or want to read about thanks

I'm sorry for asking the blue questions which you didn't care about, but this is a public(?) forum where you can ask questions, and I was/am rather interested in their response.

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Are we disappointed when fans act negatively toward one another? I'd hesitate to speak for everyone else, but I can answer for myself. I'm not sure if disappointed is the right word, but of course I'd prefer to see our communities come together, and for players to behave positively toward one another. I mean, ideally we're all here because we love the same games. When communities work to stay constructive, the experience of participating in the forums is better for everyone. The positive environment tends to produce the best kind of constructive feedback too. A constructive community doesn't have to agree - it's about how the disagreements occur, rather than them not occurring at all.

Hmm, thanks for the insight. Very well put. I suppose I should grow a few levels in maturity every now in then... >_>

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
I'm not a developer, so I can't really answer for them. I do know that player feedback has always been a huge part of the Blizzard development cycle. So, I think it's important, and that trying to release a game without a beta phase would be really challenging on a lot of different fronts.

Ah, this question was kind of confusing but, you half answered it for me and I managed to figure out the rest on my own, thanks :p

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Dissent is a strange word to use in this context, but I'll choose to interpret it as 'disagree'. There's no strife between us - we're all friends, essentially. Just like any other human beings we might disagree from time to time.

Yeah, was just going off of the prior questions. But... no comment on Blizzard Dota game friendly competition :(? Anyway, it sounds like there are definitely a lot of positive elements to working in Blizzard.

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
For purely sentimental reasons, the original Diablo, I think. Overall, though, I don't think it's accurate to say that I have a favorite. I'm a 'Blizzard gamer', which sounds like a cop out, but I actively play all our games and enjoy them for different reasons. I'm not much of a 'favorites' person. I tend to enjoy what I enjoy, when I'm in the mood to enjoy it.

Hmm, yea, the best moments you have in the game can really reflect your impression of it. Wc3 having the most sentimental value for me being my favorite, but I can totally see where you're coming from being a Blizzard gamer myself. I love the modability of sc2 maps, although I may be a bit too casual for it's multiplayer, I am greatly anticipating D3, and even the capacity I'll have to be able to play a WoW account for maybe one month at a time, subscription fees provided from RMAH. It will be really awesome for me. I know it's hard for me to stick with one type of game for long, so being able to switch between three Blizzard games? Sign me up. Then again, I could just get a source of income...

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
No. On the scale of beard trustworthiness, mine is already somewhere between questionable and unsavory. I'd better not push my luck.

It must be tough being in a workplace with such awesome Diableards surrounding you, yet being unable to have one yourself. Ah well...

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
I don't think that I've ever thought that exact phrase at any time of day.

Well, how about a positive phrase just randomly popping into your head? Maybe as, I don't know, a sign that you're happy where you are in life, or as a happy face for the smaller things in life, like witnessing someone return a wallet? Don't gotta answer this one at all, it is a bit personal.

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri

To which question?!!?!?

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
I'm nowhere near picking a favorite. They're all very fun, and feel very different to play, so I switch which hero I'm playing frequently. I think part of the reason is that I'll find something cool that's good for a different hero while I'm playing. So I'll throw that in my stash, then hop onto the hero in question to take whatever it is I found out for a spin.

Was just wondering, because I myself can't seem to come up with what hero I want to play(They all look so distinct, so well-designed, so awesome, etc etc praise), and I haven't come up with a situation where I'm looting items to switch classes.. :(

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Nothing in particular yet.

Enjoying trying out new skills and runes unhindered, feeling your way into a build or something? Sounds cool. I'm probably going to end up playing a way similar to that, but I love coming up with different builds of skills/runes/passives.

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
We (Blizzard employees) pretty much always play our games incognito.

....thus driving the point home: be nice to your community. That's an interesting piece of information, I never quite knew what you guys did. I wondered, did they just get a gm and sit around? Did they just play with other Blizzard employees? Anyway, what kind of impressions do you get when you do play incognito in your games? Or a few of the impressions.

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
People keep accusing me of trolling, so I guess I already am? *shrug*

Happens to me, all the time, even among friends. I'm never trying to troll, I guess I just got an innate talent for it. You too perhaps?

09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
I'm not going to be giving out any beta invites via the forums. Sorry. =/

Just threw that in as a joke, but hey, wouldn't hurt to get one :p

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

Oh, here's another question, do you Blizzard Employees regard being a Blizzard Fanboy as a good or bad thing? Ultimately it's up to the person who's called the fanboy to decide if it means a good or bad thing to them, but I thought it'd be interesting to hear :p

Would you give a rough estimate of the ratio of posts you write and posts you read? Oh yeah, and if it's something like 1:9999, would that make you count as a lurker?

There, I think I took enough time writing that. Hopefully I didn't miss anything.

...sure am getting sleepy.
Edit: Oh, and since I just realized questions -> answers which get questioned some more for some answers is a bit tedious, no need to continue the chain.
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09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
I'm not going to be giving out any beta invites via the forums. Sorry. =/

Clearly used the word "I'm" proves that someone may or may not be inviting people from the forums :-p
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nah there not excited to release a game none of them will play....O_o
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09/15/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Daxxarri
I'm not going to be giving out any beta invites via the forums. Sorry. =/

So in what medium WILL you be giving out beta invites? I would like an invite to that place. =)
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09/15/2011 08:49 PMPosted by Psuedonaut
Anyway, what kind of impressions do you get when you do play incognito in your games? Or a few of the impressions.

The most important impression that we get is what it's like to just be another player interacting with the communities in our games. Obviously, this is most relevant in World of Warcraft purely due to the social nature of MMOs, but it applies in StarCraft II, and will apply in Diablo III as well.

The thing that I find most interesting is that my experience with the community has usually been much more positive than it's presented to be on the forums. I don't know if that's because you often get what you give, or if I've just been lucky to run into cool people over the years. That's not to say I haven't had some unfortunate encounters or moments of frustration - I'm only human myself, and when you get thousands of personalities and motivations and put them together, conflict is inevitable. I'd just make the case that, as a general rule, lots of random strangers are much more friendly, helpful, and fun to play with than they've been presented to be.

One could make the argument that what you get out of a community is what you've already decided to see in it.
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Yes, self-fulfilling prophecies and all that jazz... either way I am really excited to see so many rich answers all in one spot. Keep responding! We need you guys more than ever right now with our self-manufactured disappointment due to expecting the beta to release all week long!

Manage not only the community, but our expectations as well! :D
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I have a question for you!

What do you find to be the most intriguing aspect of Diablo 3 that may or may not be a new feature?

For me personally, I am dying to know more about the story and what will take place. Mechanic's wise I'd have to say the skill system makes me drool constantly.
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