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How does Blizz feel about D3/beta/community?


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Thanks for the reccomendation


That interview is absolutely worth your ten minutes, if you've got the time.

Thanks for the recommendation
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I figure I'd been maybe more than a bit ungrateful and feeling entitled to these responses recently so...
Thanks for taking the time to respond so eloquently to the questions so far. It's really awesome to be able to get an inside scoop if you will on the things you're willing to share that we'd otherwise 99% chance not be able to know.

Oh yeah, supposing you had access to only the beta, and not all the content which I suspect is the case... how would you go about playing/testing it?
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Anyway, what kind of impressions do you get when you do play incognito in your games? Or a few of the impressions.

The most important impression that we get is what it's like to just be another player interacting with the communities in our games. Obviously, this is most relevant in World of Warcraft purely due to the social nature of MMOs, but it applies in StarCraft II, and will apply in Diablo III as well.

The thing that I find most interesting is that my experience with the community has usually been much more positive than it's presented to be on the forums. I don't know if that's because you often get what you give, or if I've just been lucky to run into cool people over the years. That's not to say I haven't had some unfortunate encounters or moments of frustration - I'm only human myself, and when you get thousands of personalities and motivations and put them together, conflict is inevitable. I'd just make the case that, as a general rule, lots of random strangers are much more friendly, helpful, and fun to play with than they've been presented to be.

One could make the argument that what you get out of a community is what you've already decided to see in it.

Looking back at this I wonder if feelings have changed...

One could make the argument that what you get out of a community is what you've already decided to see in it.

^^ this is even more interesting now..
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At this point it would be better to start a new thread rather than necrobump this old one. I am locking this thread since it can be confusing to read about something this old.
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