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Can we get the odds please?

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Could we please get the odds of getting the beta, i.e. 1000-1, 10,000-1, would be good to know, I'm putting the line at 2,500-1, what dose the rest of the audience think?
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I'm guessing maybe 30% unless they have a short open BETA at the end, in which case It'd be 100% I guess.

The reason I say 30% is because they will probably increase the amount of invites dramatically towards the end either way - at least that's what I think ;)

If you're refering to "right now" - I think maybe 1/100k per day? I don't know, would be interesting to know yes! ;p
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from what i remember reading (dont remember where) i think they said they want somewhere near 1000 people constantly playing the game, so youd need about 2000 id say for a constant 1000, and since some people will stop playing they will be inviting more, then id say about 15k people invited in the end, and id say about ~1/70th of the population of NA opted in, which is about 6 million id say, then probably another 6 million from EU and friends, so my rough estimate would probably be like 1/800 or so

Then again this is based off of rough estimates, and my memory is !@#$ so maybe 1000 constant players isnt even an actual thing.
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Right now ~60 in public games from F&F/Media and a few strays.
Lets say 80% play solo kuz public games have issues.
Also, say people play 15% of the time (they have lives...).
Average person probably plays for a week then gets bored.
12 weeks beta lets say.

60*5*6*12 = 21600.

Of course this is minimum, a lot more will be invited so they can have more playing. If they want 3,000 at a time, thats 216,000, though scales with time so say 150,000.
If there are 5,000,000 signed up for beta, thats a 1:33 chance.

Towards the end though they may decide to have 100,000 playing so your chances would go up drastically.
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