Diablo® III

Mass Slime Build (Inferno PVE)

This is my entry-level Inferno build, which uses mass slimes (spamming Acid Cloud with Obsidian rune) buffed by lots of passive damage bonuses:


According to my numbers, Lob Blob Bomb currently does the most area-of-effect damage per cast of all spammable witch doctor skills* with 989% weapon damage per target. As for single-target spammable damage per cast, it is only beaten by Explosive Toads, which looks like a dangerous skill in Inferno because you have to be right up in the monster's grill for all three toads to hit one target.

The last skill slot doesn't matter much, so I left it open for customization. I'll probably go Crimson Big Bad Voodoo, but it could just as easily be a cast-and-forget damage skill like Manitou/SpiderQueen, a utility skill like Golden Mass Confusion, or another mana regen skill like Golden Haunt.

I predict that Zombie Dogs will die quite quickly in Inferno, even with the passive +60% life. So in this build, they will be immediately Sacrificed when they are summoned in order to get the full +160% damage buff from the Sacrifice rune. This will be the prebuff/opener, which will also drop ~3 health globes due to the Zombie Dog rune, which will further amplify your passive damage via Gruesome Feast. Do a Soul Harvest while getting the globes for more attack, and then commence spamming slimes, only stopping every 15 seconds to Soul Harvest 5 monsters (which will give enough mana for 8 more slimes) and every 60 seconds cast Zombie Dogs and immediately Sacrifice.

Hopefully slimes can't be killed by monsters... If they can, this build will be useless. This build also depends on slime damage stacking, which hopefully shouldn't be a problem as I imagine it is a damage pulse and not a debuff. /crosses fingers

For those who don't like DOTs, you can replace the slimes with another spammable AOE skill like Zombie Bears (336% damage per single target), "Pile On" Wall of Zombies (325% damage), or Firebomb Conflagration (234% damage) and still have a decent inferno build.

Overall I think this build best takes advantage of the unique traits of a witch doctor: summons and DOTs. Also, this build doesn't need crit, so I can focus itemization on magic find, +Witch Doctor damage, attack, faster cast, mana regen, and pierce poison resist (if such an affix exists).

*It's worth mentioning that Indigo Zombie Charger would do more single-target damage if the zombies move away from you following each other like this:

Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z <-- WD

But I anticipate they will move away from you shoulder-to-shoulder in a 45 degree arc like this:

Z <--
Z <-- WD
Z <--

...causing 1-3 of them to hit each target, rather than all of them. I haven't seen a video of this rune affect though, so this is purely speculation. Please let me know if you can confirm which way Wave of Zombies moves.

I appreciate any feedback/critique!
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87 Draenei Shaman
My only concern would be that without any sort of AoE slow, AoE stun, or Lifesteal skill you're going to get swamped well before you get the max damage from your slimes. WDs are tanky, but not that tanky.

Maybe Alabaster Glyphed Grasp of the Dead in order to keep enemies away from you and near your slime? It would also help you get stacks of Gruesome Feast up.
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Indeed, 18 seconds is a long time for a DOT so CC will help a lot. I grabbed the AOE stun on the Gargantuan so hopefully mobs get stuck on that, and hopefully he stays alive with health globes. Grasp would definitely help in that last slot for kiting. Thanks!
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