Someone from Blizzard mentioned that health globes come in different types, and "minor ones" give back small % of health than "major ones." Presumably the globes left by exploding zombie dogs with a golden rune will be minor. The question is: does anyone know what % of health the minor globes will give back?

If it's reasonable, it would be possible to build a healer WD with something like the following build:!Xad!baaaZa

Note that on average, sacrificing 4 dogs (until they are all gone) returns (4 * 1/0.3 * 0.85) = 11.33 health globes (!) if we rune dogs with gold, and sacrifice with alabaster.

(If you aren't sure about the math 1/0.3 is the value the power series 1 + 0.7 + 0.7^2 + 0.7^3 + ... converges to).

It's then possible to get more dogs with mass confuse and big bad voodoo for more healing.

Haunt is for boss killing, firebats is for aoe to supplement the sacrifice explosion.
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