Diablo® III

Eleven Years

Seeing as the other topic was deleted, I can only assume for being in the wrong forum, this is my nearest guess as to where this should go, though it is not fanfiction and not quite poetry

Eleven years...

Eleven years man...

Eleven years is a long time to train. Eleven years is a long time to wait.

In that time i've... seen things, things you people wouldn't believe. I've seen Korean NANO-Commando's drown in their own blood on the white sandy beaches of Lingshan Island. I've finished the fight with the Covenant, stopped the Flood, and witnessed the fall of Reach.

I've stood waste deep in the blood of Zerglings as war once again ignited the Koprulu sector and I broke the swarm. I've beaten the Ceph out of New York, then flown to Vegas to fight the aliens who stole all our chicks only to realize that not only was I all out of gum, but I had become a sad pathetic anachronism without any self identity or redeeming qualities.

I was Left for Dead, then left wanting for more only to be given a sequel, and I raged. Then I was Left for Dead again anyway, because a good game is a good game. I stalked the sewers and ruins of Russia, first in Chernobyl, then into the depths of it's Metro in 2033.

I moved beyond physical products. I embraced digital retail, buying products I'll never hold in my hand but I will always know in my mind. I learned to hate EA, then love EA, then hate EA again, though my hatred for Activision remained eternal. I still partook in some Modern Warfare. Until I was asked to undergo Black Ops - never again.

I broke the Hive Fleet over subsector Aurelia and cleansed the Blood Ravens of their internal corruption. I fought the Orks on Graia, and wielded the Sword of the Stars with the Liir.

And now these memories will disapere... tears... in the rain... Because the Lord of Terror has returned. Because the last battle for Mount Arreat was ultimatly lost, even though Destruction was defeated.

Because at long last, Diablo is returning. And I have not been idle. I have been training. My wrist is strong. My fingers steady. My mind focused.

What sound does a goat man make when you kill it?

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Gave me chills dude..
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85 Night Elf Warrior
That was epic, ./salute

I too am ready.
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nerd b0ner haha
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90 Orc Warrior
Well written. I have done many of said things as well. I have helped purge Hyrule from the shadow that engulfed it. I have been an active hero in the lands of Azeroth and Outland wielding weapons and spells of great power. But all of it was just in preparation for the inevitable clash with the Lord of Terror himself. Can he be beatin again?!? Every time we meet his power grows. Who can be the victor between us in this never ending cycle of growing power?!?! No matter what new level of power I reach he always comes back to trump me. I have had enough. It is time it is finished.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Done all that and more, and still have not seen or heard anything other than a speculation on a release date of the game that's been in development that long.

Makes you wonder, will the copyright actually say 2000-2012???
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Amazing. +1 good sir
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85 Human Warrior
^ Protoss version of Jay Leno?

Anyway good read thanks.

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Two words.

Challenge. Accepted.
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I have had a city turned against me in fear of what I may become. I have been a monster out for revenge that made life itself pure torture. I have clashed with dragons to free a land from its imprisonment. I have climbed from the bottom of slums to become the sole ruler of an empire. And finally I am ready to ragequit once more.
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Brilliant! You deserve a Nobel peace prize. I don't know why, but what other award would we give you?
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What? You didn't play any Skyrim? What the hell is WRONG with you?
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I say, keep on writing :D
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