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Entagling shot should pull enemies together

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As per title, if entangling shot entangled enemies together it would be a much more valuable skill (pulls them to within 5-6 yard radius). It means that traps and attacks such as bola would work much better in combination with it.

Please let me know what you think
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dude that is an amazing idea, the skill really does need some help and that would be a awesome combo for traps and bola shots, and even kaltrops (if they allow you to place them anywhere instead of your feet)
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Cheers mate, should see my idea on the demon hunter resource system.

Would make a massive improvement to play style, enjoyment, and character build planning. Not to mention increase customisability within the class
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85 Goblin Shaman
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That'd be pretty funny to see with the rune that makes entangling shot hit up to 9 targets. Katamari Hunter.
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You could even completely alter the skill and turn it into an actual trap rather than an offensive bow skill. Would be amazing in conjuncture with just about any DH skill and I think would pick at a lot of the shortcomings of the class.
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I like this as a basis or rune effect for this skill... awesome! Almost as good as the guy who suggested that the monk's decoy be a DH skill.
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Great Idea. I think this would be one of the things that would make the DH much better!!!
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so get some blue attention to it
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
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Agreed, I'd love to see a rune effect that allows the shot to hit 5ish targets and actually cluster them together.. I'd actually USE the skill then :)
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This would be very interesting. They could do it by firing a heavy chain that jerks mobs together or the ingenuity of the DH allowed him to make a self retracting chain that pulls them together a little slower.
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I really love this idea! Hopefully Blue read this and bring it to the devs.
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great idea
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85 Night Elf Druid
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Indeed, i love this idea haha, i normally dont agree with a lot of "change this skill" suggestions but this one makes a lot of sense
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