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no beta here, so take my words with a grain of salt.

I'd just like to throw out the notion that although the current resource and skill changes to the DH make their resource system a lot more functional, and give the DH the ability to keep using skills, really it seems that they have the Arcane power system with discipline tacked on.

so, in an effort to make the dual globe that much more interesting, I wanted to suggest a slightly different mechanism of regeneration:

Skills would be split into Hatred spending, and Discipline spending, each with an associated regeneration mechanic, let me give you an example of how I envision this working:

costs 15 discipline
creates a sentry (blah blah does x amount of damage.. whatever.)
while active, increases hatred regeneration by 10%

15 hatred
throws three grenades out that deal x-x damage to all enemies
Each enemy hit regenerates 1 Discipline

cost 30 hatred
Deals a bunch of damage
Generates 10 Discipline on critical hits

Obviously the numbers are my guesses and dont matter so much... but under this system we have a unique way for the Demon hunter to manage their resources like each other class has, and we can always be using abilities. I included the potential Discipline generation on critical hits to highlight that you need not have it be on every hit.. it could be somewhat creative in how they regenerate. I do like the thought that for the trap style skills, while they're up and working you are gaining a constant boost to hatred regeneration.

Additionaly, this is going to reward smart gameplay! Encouraging people to take a diverse group of skills that suits the situation... rather than spamming one generator and one spender. Go gameplay mechanics!

Given the changes that were just made, and how quickly they were done... it seems that this kind of quick number swapping is feasible... and results in less tampering with the passive skills too.

(also, substitute companion for the Lethal Decoy ability from the monk!)

thoughts? comments? let me know if you folks would be interested in this.
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I think it's fine the way it is now. But that's just me. Exterminate.
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That is an interesting suggestion, and would make game play a little more involved than spam skill 1, use skill 2, spam skill 1.

Also, while I like the idea of the companions, Lethal Decoy really does seem more like a DH skill than a monk skill...

Make it an augment to fan of knives - "instead of immediately using fan of knives, creates a decoy with 15% of players hp that casts fan of knives upon death" (kind of like Shaco's duplicate from LoL if you're familiar with it).
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I just figured it was the natural way to deal with 2 resources.

I can't take credit for the Lethal Decoy idea, dont remember who did, but it was a sweet idea.
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I think their first idea was that the two resources interacted and the discipline spells generated hatred and viceversa.

Hope this is not the final DH cause it makes some of the discipline spells less viable.
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Each class is supposed to have an 'unique ressource system' . I think having 3 classes with Generators and Spenders skills isnt really 'unique' anymore.
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I am sure Blizzard tested what you suggested along with a few other possibilities and settled on this one as the best.
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I think Blizzard shouid use the Discipline skiuls to also fuel the hatred ones. After all with the right discipline Hatred and be a useful tool in cambat.

I believe if they left everything ele the same and added this it would balance things out.

Now i dont have beta access but from the vidos i have seen this whould do the trick.
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09/22/2011 10:40 PMPosted by Loren
I am sure Blizzard tested what you suggested along with a few other possibilities and settled on this one as the best.

if they did, I'd love to hear why?

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