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Smoke Screen: Ultimate PvP Escape Ability?

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The Demon Hunter has 3 escape skills, Vault, Evasive Fire, and Smoke Screen. In PvE, each is a viable option, and arguments can be made for any of them. However in PvP...I think that Smoke Screen stands out quite strongly.

Anyone who has played team PvP knows that target focusing and communication is one of the most important aspects to victory. Vice versa, surviving when you are the focus fired player is just as important.

Most of the evasion skills for each class are equivalent in terms of closing or creating distance between you and your enemy. One key difference between smoke screen and everything else is that with the other skills if you escape the opposing team can still choose to continue targeting you using either ranged classes or using their distance closing skills to match yours.

Smoke screen (runed indigo) should completely nullify you as a potential target, force the other team to change retarget, and for melee classes to close the distance to the new target. This process can take awhile, and can be the difference between winning and losing. It may even make smart teams put Demon Hunters very low on the priority list because they know they can't count on killing them.

Big Assumption: You will be completely invisible to opposition.
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Don't forget that in D3, there are a ton of skills that don't require you to actually have a target to use (holding shift and clicking on the ground will still cause most abilities to fire off without a target), and a ton of ground-targeted AOEs. You can still get hit while invisible if they have a good idea of where you're trying to go while invisible.
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Maybe it's excessive, but Smoke Screen + Vault? Drain your discipline pool for a near guaranteed getaway. To me it's worth it.
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I dont think smoke screen is the best in pvp... Yes it's awsome to escape from enemies but a barb can leap stun for 3 sec your smoke screen.. and your smoke screen is only 2 sec.. It's just an exemple.

I think Vault(tumble) is beter just because with the new DH hatred system you'll be able to keep a 70% slow on 2 target with only one shot and for no cost!! And if im using the barb exemple he can leap stun your first vault but you can vault it for only 20% of the cost!

And with Vault you can also harras enemies behind pillar.

Sorry for my bad english i'm a french canadian!!
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Smoke Screen is 4 seconds if runed indigo. Vault is good, but ranged can still target you if you vault. The whole idea behind smoke screen is that they completely lose their target, not just gain distance from them. This causes them to re-target completely.

If I have 10% HP, and vault, someone is going to pursue me and kill me be it ranged or melee. If I have 10% HP, smoke screen, and get away, or vault away. I'm now temporarily safe until I decide to show myself.

In terms of DPS there's a big difference too. When you're running from multiple attackers your dps will be largely reduced. You'll focus on your survival and snaring skills, producing much less damage. If you vault, you will still be having to run just to maintain that distance you created, but if you disappear completely you can transition into Full DPS mode.
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