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Post New DH Builds!

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First build to come to mind

What's your new build?


Passives: Vengeance, Archery (bow), Custom Engineering

Hatred Generators:
Evasive Fire - Crimson - +60% AOE

Hatred Spenders:
Multishot - Crimson - +330% damage - for large groups
Impale - Obsidian - +275% damage - for bosses

Vault - Golden - w/ in 5 seconds 80% less cost
Sentry - Golden - +8% life/sec
Companion - Alabaster or Golden - +40% gold or +4 hatred/sec
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mobility without loss of damage. Could swap Bola for multi with Alabaster to help out Disc.
wanted to feel just as powerful at close to mid as long range.
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90 Human Paladin
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PvM build based on slows (Entangling Shot with Chain Gang) through Spike Traps laid in bottlenecks, boosted by Cull the Weak passive.

Multishot for mob grinding, Impale with Impact for single targets (bosses).

Multi-Vault using Tumble for evasion and Sentry with Guardian Turret as a defensive cooldown.

Additional passives - Archery, Custom Engineering.
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85 Troll Druid
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Intended for single target boss fights

Hatred resource generator spam
Entangling shot > Strafe

For burst and/or restore hp
Shadow power + mark for death + rapid fire

To get away, Evasive fire

passives increase dps by 40% with bows

for clearing trash

Hatred generator spam
Entangling > Bola

Hatred Spender
Cluster arrow

AoE assists
Boar companion + AoE Marked for death

Get away
Evasive fire

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85 Night Elf Rogue
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i see this a VERY movement based build with a good choice of skills to use for any outcome though mainly ment to hit and run with sentry, vault in, fan of knives and then vault out the other side rinse and repeat while sentry is up
with evasive fire as a hatred builder and run away and impale as a line damage skill as well as clister arrow to heal a bit i think it will work well for most things

let me know if theres something i can do to make it better
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85 Troll Druid
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Intended for slow weapons; Grenades/Spike Trap do not depend on weapon speed for hatred generation but do a lot of damage; MS packs a big punch as a hatred spender.

Intended for fast weps. Builds hatred quickly with Bola, Shadow Power and uses the very efficient Chakram to spend it.

I assume that they will change Companion boar/wolf/spider to be based off wep% since they changed every other skill on Wiz/WD to it; if they do that I would consider using boar for my fast wep build.
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I dont know I have not play diablo 3 today. Probably something with multishot doing huge damage. Get all the hatred and discipline regenerating abilities such as perpetration and smokescreen. Then spike trap or hungering arrow for spamming when multishot is too much.
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A build I made around a quad-element theme. This was posted before the changes, but thankfully I did not need to change much.

1. Hungering Arrow - Fire; Decent DoT and chance to affect more than 1 mob.
2. Evasive Fire - Lightning; Single target damage + free mini-vault when mobs get close.
3. Bola Shot - Arcane; Great AoE damage, especially for a hatred builder.
4. Elemental Arrow - Ice; Another decent AoE that will be my snare.
5. Multishot - Hatred dump + AoE. Up to +9 discipline per cast = win.
6. Smoke Screen - Aggro peel. I'll probably change this to have a longer duration or to give me increased movement speed.

* +10% damage as long as no mobs are within 10 yds.
* +20% damage to snared mobs.
* +3% crit per sec until crit.

With 3 builders and the natural regen, hatred should never be a problem. Gaining discipline every time I spend hatred, then using it for a de-aggro/escape skill will allow me juggle the two resources as well as stay out of harm's way.
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(This is based on dual wielding; I also am including my gear wishlist in this)
From gear: +4~ hatred per second.
+20~ disc/second (Nat's set... if this actually stays.. which seems doubtful)

Rapid Fire with the Indigo: Will be much faster with dual wielding and able to mob
Bola shot: AOE and affected by attack speed(?)... I might change this to grenades with the Golden rune (+24 hatred per cast is nice, but it isn't affected by attack speed)
Cluster Arrow with golden: Life leech, aoe, and damage. Om nom.
Caltrops: More critical strike chance.
Companion: +4 more hatred per second.
Shadow power: More attacks with rapid fire and +7 more hatred per second.

Passives: More crit chance and hatred regen (might change Fundamentals, not sure)

In all: Infinite discipline = unlimited shadow power
+15 hatred per second (covers rapid fires cost per second)
And tons of critical strike chance. I think it will be fun. (If it is possible to get the gear~)
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Any thoughts on Evasive Fire/Backup Plan?

510% WD is nothing to joke about and I'm wondering if you could make a build out of this. Use EF, drop a bomb, vault back in, use EF again, etc.

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I did this kinda quickly, so you might need to change some stuff, but give it a look:


Caltrops with an ensnare technique would be nice, just to get enemies grouped together.
Spiked Trap: Laying down three of those + the bomb = more damage.
FoK: More chance to slow = more chance damage with passive (and a hatred spender).
Mutlishot: Distance AoE and disc regen
Preperation: Just incase you are low in the disc (which is necessary for the build to work)

Passives: CtW: More damage; Archery: More damage; CE: Helps with caltrops/spiked trap.

Ideas for other passives: Hot Pursuit, as you might have max hatred a lot (and this gets you closer to your enemies = more times to use Evasive Fire).

Hope that gives you a start :3
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HRP: I made a build with Backup Plan in mind.


Evasive Fire (AoE poison)
Marked For Death (AoE Mark)
Caltrops (11% crit)
Spike Trap (390% damage)
Multishot (330%)
Hungering (95% pierce)

Passives: Cull the weak, Archery, Sharpshooter

Battle Plan: Set traps, set mark location on traps. Draw enemies in with Multishot/Hungering, but make sure to keep at maxed hatred for burst dps later. Allow them to get close to you and your traps, Evasive Fire, then spam Multishot. You should be getting approximately 1230% AoE damage with +11% crit (840% after spike traps).

The downside is the trap setup time. You could use the 3 traps at once for spike trap and cut down on 4 seconds of setup time for each battle.

Not really my style, I'm not a huge traps person, but you would certainly get by.
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Ha, double response to HRP! I like the ensnare idea with caltrops, but I prefer AoE marked for death and the straight up damage rune for Multishot. For trash mobs, I think setting up traps once, and 1 evasive fire should be enough to take care of most mob groups, that's the theory behind going more aggressively for damage in my build, but yours has more utility for sure.
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Shadow Warrior Build

-Shadow Power (Cost reduction): This build trys to keep up Shadow Power for every battle, thus the cost efficiency rune.

-Preparation (Increased max disc): Same as above, the 18 disc increase applies to the full cooldown time, so at 0 cost, if you spam this for every possible cooldown you have increased your disc pool from 30 to 48 permanently.

-Evasive Fire (0 disc cost for backflip): An escape skill that will cost 0 disc and generate hatred? Neccesary for this build to work.

-Entangling Shot (9 targets slowed): Given a weaker escape skill, I need a strong snare.

-Hungering Arrow (95% pierce): Must have in almost any build (unless it's weaker than it appears).

-Multishot (330% damage/Disc Regen): This one I'm on the fence about. You can go two ways with this build. If you want to keep shadow power up 100% of the time, then rune it to generate discipline. But then you've lost your big AoE damage and you just spam hungering and that's it. Granted....that might be enough, and in a way hungering will be AoE once you get a load of arrows out there flying around....Luckily with Shadow Power up 100% of the time, that wont take long.

Passives: Cull the weak, Perfectionist, Archery

Concept: With a permanent 48 discipline pool and a Shadow Power cost of 10.4 disc, you can keep Shadow Power up for long periods of time, perhaps permanently depending on regen. Open entangling, spam multishot until you are OOH, then spam Hungering, Evasive and Entangling again if needed, repeat.
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Yeah, mine is more of a dodgy/maneuverable type of build and heavier on the disc side. Both of our builds are to make Evasion Fire the main skill, but quite a bit different on the feel of the build for each :3

I do feel like mine could use another attack power instead of FoK.. but.. at the same time not. I could readjust it some more, but I am lazy xD

I do like your build as well though. It just depends on how the players wants to go at the hordes of demons ;D
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