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My idea for DH resource

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Instead of having the resource bulb split into two unrelated halves, both hatred and discipline should be represented as one resource--a tug-of-war pulling the DH in two directions which he must try to keep in balance.

There should be no "hatred generating" and "hatred spending" skills, only Hatred and Discipline. As the DH uses more hatred skills, the gauge shifts up to the red. Using Discipline skills will shift the balance down to the blue. The current balance level will dictate what skills are available to use.

When enemies are near, the gauge should slowly fill with hatred at a rate proportional to the number/difficulty of the enemies, symbolizing the DH's intense desire to kill demonspawn.

In town or at times when no enemies are near, the gauge should slowly shift towards discipline, symbolizing the DH's calculating personality which keeps him alive.

An interesting twist would be to apply bonuses and penalties to the DH depending on his current balance of hatred and discipline (example: At high hatred, the DH's attack is increased but precision is decreased and he cannot use potions)

Here are some reasons why I think this would be a better system:
  • The current system is unoriginal. The concept of generators and spenders is already present in the monk and barbarian. Hatred is also not much different than arcane power

  • This system addresses Blizzard's goal of having some skills available when low on resources. You would never be out of resource, but you must use a variety of skills to stay in balance.

  • The current system does not fit the lore of the character. The DH is supposed to walk a tightrope between hatred and discipline but currently the two are totally unrelated. Discipline is supposed to be what brings the DH back from the brink.
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    I like it. It's similar to my thought about having hatred skills regen discipline and vice versa, just a different implementation that ups the ante.

    I'm all for something like this., especially the thought of bonuses based on how far into discipline or hatred you are
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    This is by far the best resource idea I have seen for the DH, current game implementation included. As it is, right now the DH is a half monk half witchdoctor resource wise. Not original and not particularly interesting.

    The OP's idea brings the actual balance and conflict between hatred and discipline from the lore into the game - in a way that is intuitive to use and understand. It would make the class a lot more interesting.

    One slight tweak is to have the balance slowly return to center (think "regen") if no actions are taken. This would make gameplay smoother.

    Finally, the eye candy from making the hatred/discipline boundary similar to water/oil (flowing into each other but not mixing) tops the cake.
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    This is an interesting idea but would take a lot of testing and balancing skills. I would think that Hatred and Discipline would be 50 each.

    There would also have to be a reason for maintaining "balance" between Hatred and Discipline.

    The more Hatred you have, your Crit and Attack Power increases but you move slower and take more damage (maybe 1 shot kill if full hatred).

    The more Discipline you have, your movements and dodging increase but you do less damage (maybe stunned for 15 seconds if full discipline).

    While balanced within a range of +/- 5, you get some sort of movement speed and attack buff.
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    The problem I see with your idea is that your balance determines which skills you can and can't use at any given time.
    If you're in the middle of a fight and start to get surrounded, but your resource is full of hatred, how will you be able to use Vault to escape? You can't just stand and wait for it to change back all the time.
    You also said that using Hatred skills would shift it to Hatred, and being around monsters would do the same. That means that you could potentially find yourself in a bind where you can't use ANY discipline abilities at all unless you run back to town. It could mean lots of dead Demon Hunters, because they wouldn't even be able to use their escape skill.
    Yeah, you could use Discipline abilities to keep the balance, but they aren't super useful combat abilities so you would be wasting time.

    How would you remedy that?
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    It does take a balance of hatred and discipline to play effectively, no? That is the point!

    The cost of the disc skills would have to be adusted so that you are not forced to use abilities pointlessly. Say your basic attacks cost 5 hatred and vault costs 30 disc - that means that if you vault every 6 attacks (which you may want to do to reposition anyway) you are stable. Want to stay in place? Drop a sentry, or activate shadow power or...

    As long as the resource cost ratios between the hate side and the disc side are well balanced, it will work. And to top it off Preparation and all its runed forms can be adjusted to alter the dynamic in many ways (instant full hate, or instant full disc, or instant balance, or X seconds where your skills cost no hate and no disc... possibilities are endless).
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