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Same item looks different depending on class?

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I have noticed that the same item looks visually different depending on the class wearing it.

Really? How does that make any sense? Even in the Diablo universe I don't see how that can

make any sense. Does the aura of the character change the appearance or something? I don't

like this at all. It takes away from people being able to recognize what armor or helm or

weapon someone has equipped because it will change depending on who is wearing it. I

don't know if I like that. I liked seeing a bright green leather cap on someones head in D2:

LoD and knowing it was probably a shako ( or a emerald socketed leather cap). I know that

really legendary and set items will have the same look for each character but i think they

should have done that for all the gear and items. I think the class specific gear like in D2 was

good how it was..

What do you guys think?

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I agree.

But, the way that you

write is a bit annoying.

Thank you,

Please drive through.
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D2:LoD and knowing it was probably a shako ( OR a emerald socketed leather cap

This is what I assume D3 is trying to fix. That pesky word OR. Most items in D2 had something else that looked like it. So while I could be wielding the Lidless shield, it may just be some crap bone shield I found on the ground too!

D3 makes it such that most of the items (even some legendaries it seems) look like X. Where X is a generic model for the class. So a demon hunter equips a helm and it just looks like the generic red hood. Cool looking but common. Then they find some legendary helm, say Natalya's Gaze. Nice, that has a unique (as far as I can tell) model and thus can be identified by just by look. Exactly like you said with the Shako but without that damn OR in there.

This is the direction I think (and hope) they are going. Making certain items really stand out with it's looks. However since this is definitely not every item in the game, we'll just have to wait and see exactly how it turns out.
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