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Release 2012 because PS3?

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I'm not reading all that, everyone here is so aggressive to attack the slightest thing that may make D3 sound like it's not made by god. I wouldn't be buying the game if I really cared about what it looks like. But nothing changes the fact it looks like a game from a decade ago, getting angry about it and pretending that's not how it is doesn't change anything.
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09/24/2011 05:48 PMPosted by Cyrus
I doubt the current gen consoles could run the game on max as it is.

...... Thanks for that information Captain Obvious. Allow me to be Captain Obvious for you this time: Games are still severely dumbed down so when they're being ported to consoles it will be an easier process. Consoles don't max out their own games, most run at 30fps or lower with no AA, AF or vsync all at a low res.

Consoles use 960x540, 1024x576 and 1280x720. But all are internally stretched to 1280x720 so they lie and call all 3 720p. Even if was the exact same thing on a PC that it is on a console it would take several times the power on a PC due to the 1920x1080 to 2560x1600 resolutions used.

Because blizzard has such a history of developing games with earth-shattering high end graphics... Clearly they're "holding back" with D3 because of consoles...
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09/24/2011 06:13 PMPosted by Dada
and by the way "THIS GAMES WON'T COME OUT IN CONSOLES!!!!" This is meant to be played on PCs! and PC Gaming is different with console gaming.. and the Players as well..

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09/24/2011 06:00 PMPosted by HugoStiglitz
RMAH nothing more nothing less!

maybe too....
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