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Bring back 1-8 square items.

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I want to see 1-8 square items again, everything being 2 squares make them look less exciting to me. anyone agree/disagree and why?
Please blizzard....?
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So what you want is inventory tetris back? Because all bigger items in the inventory would do is increase the image size so you could better see it and reduce inventory space. I think I speak for not all, but a great deal of people when I say.

No. It's a bad idea. You're a baddie. They changed this from Diablo 1/2 because it forced you to constantly go back and forth between town and the loot drops. It's your opinion and you're entitled to it. No, we don't want to have a tetris mini-game in regards to our inventory. I think that cover all the viable responses.
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I don't care either way. But there is a problem with your way I think.

If they were to make items large, like 8 squares, they would have to make the inventory HUGE to fit the same number of items that they do now (which definitely should not change). It is simply impractical.
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With the ability to sell or break down items for crafting mats without going back to town I don't think it would make much sense to have some items take up large spaces in your inventory the way they did in Diablo 2.

To be honest I think the only reason it was like that in Diablo 2 is because that's how inventory working in Diablo 1.

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I must agree the 1-2 square item system actually looks much more streamlined and gives you a much lower chance of easily filling all 5 tabs of the Shared Stash...
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The only instance i agree is when i see spears all your really seeing of the spear is the tip, it looks more like a dagger then a spear but otherwise i think the way they have it works fine.
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I just feel its to WoW like and most hardcore diablo fans dislike WoW. I think with characters haveing 60 squares and many more squares of stash space it would work out fine. when you consider you can break down and sell items on the go I see no issue. It is not major in my mind but i dislike 2 square items.
On a side note i see that gems have different effects on helms and other. I really hope they effect weapons, shields and armor differently, I am hoping this is just a beta thing.
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Personally, I'm not opposed to the new system - unrealistic though it might be.

A good deal of the changes to Diablo 3 are about simplifying tedious mechanics. For example, there is no stamina bar now. You can now sell items without having to go back to town (or break them down).

The reduced item size is also an improvement in this regard, for two reasons:

1) You can now pick up more things before having to sort through them and sell/break them down. This means (in theory), more time doing what you want to be doing (slaying demons, presumably).

2) Since most items are now 2 squares large, managing your inventory will now be much less of a tetris game. There won't be very much rearranging required to pick something up, if you have the space.
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The only good thing about inventory tetris was when you were able to rearrange everything so those 4 single spaces suddenly came together to fit that new hat that just dropped, you felt accomplished. It is otherwise a poor and very outdated system.

As for gems having different effects for weapons and shields etc. that is what enchantments are for. Now you can get extra vitality (read: health) by putting that ruby in your weapon, and then go have the mystic enchant it with fire.
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