Diablo® III

Diableard ruined my life!

85 Tauren Shaman
Posts: 13
Thanks blizz for the push back, growing this beard has cost me my job, my wife and my self respect. Now I'm stuck leaving in my parents basement playing Maplestory, eating ramen and believing my alter ego is a soul reaper.

Thank you Blizzard...
Edited by Gotts on 9/24/2011 5:28 PM PDT
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Enjoy your beard responsibly, guys.
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With great Diableard comes great responsibility.
Edited by Omeed on 9/24/2011 5:29 PM PDT
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85 Draenei Paladin
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gotts your too old for maple stoppry.. move over to atlantica online if you have any nx built up..
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thats pretty sad honestly, I mean maplestory? really?
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09/24/2011 05:29 PMPosted by Omeed
With great Diableard comes great responsibility.

I am still rocking mine! Although no way I am keeping this !@#$% going till 2012 they will start calling me ZZ TOP soon.
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09/24/2011 05:32 PMPosted by Toyodah
gotts your too old for maple stoppry.. move over to atlantica online if you have any nx built up..

white knight is actually one of my favorite class concepts ever
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We have the Diableard. We can regrow him.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
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Feel your pain Gotts, my starbeard was down to my knees. Hang in there buddy!!!
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90 Tauren Druid
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Just swap it over to a swtorbeard since its coming out in dec but as far as the maplestory in ur parents basement...when can i come over and play too??
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48 Dwarf Hunter
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maybe u took it a little seriously
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85 Undead Mage
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hahaha awesome
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What, here I thought having an epic Diableard would have the ladies running to you from the sheer awesomeness of it. In fact, given that having a beard makes you thousands of times more manly you should only have MORE ladies coming at you since Blizzard delayed it. You should be thanking them.
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For driver who want to get the most out of their cars, its Bridgestone, or nothing.
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ive never tried maplestory is it any good?
surely its better than that runescape crap.

If you like 2D jumping pixels ala Mario and Korean Grindfest... Ya you will love it.

Actually if you are going to try Maple, I suggest go for Dragon Nest instead.
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err screenshot or it didnt happen?
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