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What class will you play on release?

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When and if this game releases in 3098 I will play DH.
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48 Dwarf Hunter
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90 Human Paladin
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1) Demon Hunter
2) Wizard
3) Barbarian

Doubt I will play a monk, and witch doctor just looks tacky. Heres hoping for a paladin-esque or druid-esque class in xpac, my favourite classes from D2.
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#1 : monk, ive had my eyes on that class since it was released and recent gameplay videos have only reinforced my feeling.
#2 : barbarian, they just seem to breath awesomeness, also a natural follower of the monk gameplay wise.
#3 : witch doctor, seems like the coolest of the 2 caster class, i like the spells too
#4 : wizard, fourth on the list because it couldnt be the last, nothing more.
#5 : demon hunter...the leftover if you will, i have yet to see anything, literally anything about that class that interests me

so basicly im gonna main monk for a long tiem and eventually roll a barb or WD when i feel like switching. the choice between both will depend how tired of melee combat i am
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1. Witch Doctor - I loved the necromancer in D2, just having a little personal Army running about killing things for you was awesome.

2. Barb - Just looks like an epic power house and with the Leap ability offering alot of mobility to get you into/out of situations and just straight bashing/cleaving power

3. Monk/Demon hunter - Both look quite fun to play, still undecided which way I would want to go

4. which ever i didn't go from #3 would be number 4

5. Wizard - The voice and style of the hero just doesn't suit me... he looks like a !@#$ and his spells just dont do it for me.
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I am so unbelievably torn between the monk and WD to play first.

So its looking:

1 a) Monk
1 b) WD
2) Wizard
3) DH
4) Barb
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1. 'bigmanBarb' (Male Barbarian)
2. 'BillieJean' (Female Wizard)

IF I decide to make a female Barbarian her name shall be Mastitis.
(it is a breast infection you can obtain throughout breast feeding)
I thought it was pretty clever! YEAH BUDDY!
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85 Night Elf Priest
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WD forever.

well maybe ill try something else out at some point...

but WD!!!
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1. Wiz or Witch Doctor
2. Monk Or Demon Hunter
5. Barbarian
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I don't know, I want to play ALL of them!
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09/24/2011 07:11 PMPosted by Arkaic
Doubt I will play a monk, and witch doctor just looks tacky. Heres hoping for a paladin-esque or druid-esque class in xpac, my favourite classes from D2.

The Monk is the Paladin-esque class of D3.
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1. WD
2. Barb
3. Monk
4. Wizard
5. Demon Hunter
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Witch Doctor
Demon Hunter

I love bow using classes in rpgs but for some reason the amazon in D2 and the Demon Hunter don't really appeal to me. The monk looks dull all around and seems to have lower damage as of beta and the WD is awesome because summons and zombies are awesome.
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i REALLY want a 2H crossbow DH with multishot.

But i have a feeling it's going to be a Wizard first.

It all depends on how gimped weapon dependent classes like DH's will be compared to casters like they were in D2.
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1. Barbarian (male)
2. Monk (female or male)
3. Witch Doctor (male)
4. Wizard (female) * cause she same from D1 and D2 :D
5. Demon Hunter (male)
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Starting with the Witch Doctor just because he/she is new and looks fun. But, I will play through most of them eventually....likely Monk, second.
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