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The design flaw in Dogs + Sacrifice

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Well.. It has been tested, played for about 4 month by the internal tester at blizzard. I'm not confident that one guy in a forum reading a tooltip could find a design flaw. Sorry. But it's nice to read and see different build and idea.

PS: I was in the game industry business for 5 years

Everything in the game has been tested for 4 months by the internal testers. Does that mean the game is perfect as it is and should be shipped out tomorrow?

Of course my opinion on this is not a definitive answer. My point in posting this is not to say "Look ive spotted an obvious mistake that must be fixed immediately". Im trying to bring some attention to it so that maybe someone who has more accessibility to the game, and/or the power to make design decisions.. might see it and consider it from this perspective. I have no way of knowing whether or not Blizzard has identified this as a possible issue. Saying nothing gets you nowhere.

PS: I was a technical writer for 2 years. Doesnt make me an authority on technical documentation. I dont know what your purpose was in mentioning your 5 years in the game industry.. but if that is supposed to somehow make your opinion more valid.. you failed. The purpose of beta testing is to identify possible gameplay issues and discuss them. The goal is to improve the game. Blindly believing that every notable issue and imbalance has already been identified, and "poo-pooing" everyone who says otherwise, is not going to benefit anyone.
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i spammed fireball(with 90 points in fire synergies ) for like last 10 years and it was crazy fun, duno what you talking bout bro
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First off I gotta say if you're gonna use references to pretty much every post or thread I've made in this section at least give me credit. I showed the zombie dog constant damage buff build in another thread below which also showed a possible 1500%+ damage build etc..

No disrespect intended. I honestly hadnt seen your thread.
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It says it explodes all of your zombie dogs, with 4 that would actually be 160% and the buff would obviously go to the caster. This is a pretty big buff so it sort of limits your build options but its not like a caster WD should mind having 4 dogs tanking for them that they explode every minute or so for large aoe damage. If you want other skills then its a trade off between damage or versatility. Hopefully blizzard comes up with a system to prevent the abuse of swapping skills in and out for buffs.
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Provoke the pack:
increase all damage done by 40% for every sacrificed dog for 60 seconds.

ur prolly right, the wording on the rune itself sounds like its increasing the WDs dmg, but, the name of the rune suggests its the dogs themselves that get the buff...

but i dont see why youd sac 2 dogs to make one do 80% more dmg
(or 3 for 120% if u have the trait to have 4 dogs)

so im kinda torn which it is...

The name is misleading.

But the description of sacrifice is:

"All of the zombie dogs explode...."

Which implies exactly what it says... casting sacrifice makes all of your dogs explode simultaneously.

And the crimson rune says:

"Increase all damage done..."

Which also implies what it says..that it increases ALL damage done.

If they meant that it increases the dogs damage then they probably would have put "Increases all damage done by your dogs..." or "increases all damage done by pets..."

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Some clarification on the amount of dogs.

You can equip the passive which allows you to have 4 dogs out, but it says nothing in that passive about changing the amount of dogs summoned by your Zombie Dogs ability. Im working under the assumption that you may be CAPABLE of having 4 dogs out, but to do so you will have to either have Big Bad Voodoo with the Alabaster rune, or you will need to wait 60 seconds for your zombie dogs to cooldown so you can cast it again for the 4th dog.

Either way, if this combo is being abused like im assuming it will.. then chances are that people arent going to go out of their way to get 4 dogs out for another 40% damage boost. They will just "make due" with 120%.

I also assume that, for maximum benefit, people will summon their dogs before they go out and start fighting, then wait the 60s for the zombie dogs ability to cooldown. THEN they will sacrifice their dogs and resummon them, allowing them to have the damage buff and 3 dogs out at the same time. Assuming that it isnt possible to just remove the abilities after use and replace them with something more useful to the caster WD.

Even so.. my point is that this build is NECESSARY for nuking WDs. Right now, there are 3 possible build categories for WD builds. There is the pet builds, the versatile builds, and the nuking builds. Pet builds will have pets, versatile will have 6 useful abilities, and nuking builds will have a nuke to spam, some CC/escapes, and Sacrifice+dogs. There is no way for any other nuking WD build to compete with the 120% damage buff.

That is my main concern. The dog damage buff is a severe limitation on the versatility of caster WD builds.. its benefits are too great to pass up unless you dont care about doing the best possible damage, and the restrictions it places on your build make nuking WDs single-spell spammers, and will most likely lead to a cookie cutter build focusing on either Firebats or Firebombs, 2 CCs like Horrify and Mass Confuse, and a sustainability buff like hex. Its a drawback of the 2 ability slot requirement for the damage buff.

All im saying is that I think it would be a lot better if caster WDs could achieve that kind of damage without sacrificing two slots to abilities that do not fit their desired playstyle.
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i shoulda justkept what i meant simpler and just said they should change the name of the rune
(tho at the time i also thought it sacked 1 dog at a time)

No biggie. Right now everyone is devouring the skill calculator information and flooding the forums with possibilities. That many people trying to extrapolate information from the 3 lines of text you get for each ability description...there are bound to be a ton of different views and misconceptions. Its hard to keep track of how everything works... and some things we still dont understand the mechanics of fully.
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it changes how many are summoned
but ive seen it in action as well

Nice :D

Good to know. Thanks for the info.
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Possibly... but for example...


3 nukes and 1 heal. Drop a nuke (probably haunt) for anything you want, though possibly mass confusion for the option of more zombie dogs. It sucks we have to sacrifice ability slots if we want to min/max but I'm sure every class will have to do that, for example no damage based barbarian is going to want to pass up on battle rage.
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