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The design flaw in Dogs + Sacrifice

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160 percent damage isn't that high.
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You guys are acting like it's a huge issue for caster witchdoctors to spend 1 skill slot on dogs and 1 skill slot on sacrifice. In fact, you need 1 single target spell and 1 aoe spell, and you are set for damage -- the last 2 slots could be utility, defense or mana slots. Here's an example:


I could even take something more group friendly instead of Gargantuan, like Big Bad Voodoo.

Wizards would kill for that kind of boost from 2 skill slots: they spend 1 slot on 40% from Familiar+crimson, for example. Don't forget that Sacrifice is actually an AoE spell too, and a decent one at that (800% every 60 seconds), and dogs don't have to be sacrificed on cooldowns, they can also be used to tank things for you, and can return health globes on sac. So it's not like these skill slots are "wasted" -- they have some use aside from the damage buff.
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Looks like a logical design decision to me.

If you were to give the doctor a buff that simply increased his damage by 160% with only 1 spell slot sacrifice, it would be a no brainier, and everyone would pick the same spell. 160% at the sacrifice of 2 spell slots and a passive. Hmm not sure.

Also it's not exactly a sacrifice, if you put an alabaster on your zombie dogs, and get the zombie handler passive. You will probably still have 4 dogs by the time the cooldown is up, which allows you to sacrifice your dogs, and summon new ones. Which gives you the buff and the dogs at the same time. It's a very interesting mechanic and it works well.
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pretty sure hotswapping skills will either a) not be viable while fighting or b) remove the buff provided. either way, that's not an issue.

that said, if you want to take up 1/3 of your skills to do that, go ahead. other WDs that would prefer to have the extra skills can benefit from having extra skills. that's the point of having a variety of options... and i'd rather have useful skills that also do damage while i'm doing damage than extra damage added to my spam spell.

i think this brings up an important question as to whether the dogs will scale with gear
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09/21/2011 07:45 AMPosted by Vagilante
I really hope that you aren't able to change your abilities AT ALL, in combat or not, without a penalty. Even if it is just having to pay money for a 'respec', only being able to do it in the town, or only being able to rune a maximum of 6 skills.
currently in the beta you can change your skills on your hotbar at anytime with no penalty.Even saw a guy change skills in combat

09/21/2011 07:45 AMPosted by Vagilante
Of course this is only true as long as Blizzard imposes what I mentioned in my first reply. I am confident that they will take this approach because you're rightly concerned. This style of play mostly defeats the purpose of them even having only 6 hotkeys to begin with.
and i'm confident and hoping they won't.Otherwise they wouldn't of removed the talent tree system they had at the beginning of prodution and all through the other Diablo's
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