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Demon Hunter Resource Solution Idea

Seeing as the developers have obviously spent some time trying to create different resource systems for the characters such that each plays a different way I thought I might offer my 5c worth.

I have no idea if this would work but it is in fitting with the characters story of an internal battle between competing calm and bloodlust (discipline and hatred).

What if the resource Hatred was to regen faster when being hit (or over longer kill spree's or both) and whilst hatred begins to regen faster, discipline regens slower. (perhaps it could even be based off a enemy proximity?)

The idea being that when the demon hunter is at the back controlling the battle from afar, the demons hunters prime resource is discipline. Controlling a battle from afar would require calm and discipline. During these fights hatred regen might be reduced to what discipline regen is currently (or more probably, slightly faster than that, but reduced none the less) whilst discipline is regened at a much faster rate. Under this fighting style, traps and turrets would be prime attackers. ?+a decoy?

Once the Demon Hunter engages in furious close combat fast paced and close proximity, the demon hunter loses all composure and is overcome but the furious blood lust of slaying demons leading to a massive boost in hatred regen and a greatly decreased discipline regen.

If you start a fight in a Hatred oriented attack and feel your coping too much, simply vault or run out and let your characters regens start to swing as you do more disciplined attacks.

What are your thoughts??? Blue poster input would also be great!
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And why not go even further out there... What if this was represented by the demon hunters heart rate. So you can tell which resources is currently hot and which is cold.

If not, a simple shift of the vertical resource splitter so either red or blue catches your eye more and you know whats the go at the time
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
Well right now using one doesn't effect the regen/usage of another. They're just two totally different resources. While the idea of them complementing each other like that seems like a good idea to me, I don't think that hatred should be fueled by taking hits. As a ranged character I assume that they'll naturally have less resilience than that of a barbarian so they won't be able to take many of those. The regen so far (from watching Let's Play) doesn't seem so bad anyway, though there were times of Hatred starving. I just don't want to have to be within striking distance in order to regen faster as I'll be doing my best to kite and stay out of their range.
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Doesn't have to be damage associated, make it somehow intensity related, heart rate related.

Would make at least double the number of potential builds by giving you play style options. Kind of like there was a different play style for a summoner nec, compared to a caster nec.

Also, perhaps increasing the glow and colour of the faster regening resource. you can see it easilly from the corner of your eye
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Disagree. A DH shouldn't have their Disc regen punished just because they're on a killing spree using Hatred-based attacks. If the intent of a ranged class is to not get hit, then they shouldn't be rewarded (per se) for being hit by having an increased Hatred regen rate (after all, that's why we have Evasive Fire and Vault: to avoid/escape being hit).

If Blizz is looking at their spreadsheets they can just see if skills are too costly and lower them, or increase the regen rate of both Hatred/Disc by small amounts until they find a nice balance. Less hassle either way because neither depends on battle situations.
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They still have the problem of hatred/discipline not really representing a conflict in game. It also just plays out a lot like you have two lots of arcane power or mana and not two distinctly different resources (which is what I believe they were going for when they created the split).

If your on a killing spree and wanna swing toward disc skills, just throttle back and get your composure... and boom straight into a disciplined style of encounter. Doesnt have to take long to swing the regens
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it could even be like a d2 paladin aura, where you have only disc or hatred regen at one time and switch between them actively
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disc/hatred work fine now, go watch force play his walkthrough. Even when his hatred is tapped he fills it back up extremely fast and when he's forced to use his discipline he's not just vaulting around because he secretly always wanted to be a gymnast, if he spams it he's SOL but if he saves it for when he needs it he gets out of a sticky situation.
There is no current problem with the hatred and discipline system at the moment.
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
I have to agree with Vinto. From watching the regen on Force's video there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the regen rate as it is. I don't think they should change it just for the sake of changing it.
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