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WD mana regen too fast...

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It really seems to be that witch doctor regens mana FAR to fast. Mana is supposed to be a source that regenerates slowly and has a high cap. as of what i can see in the beta it regenerates just as fast as arcane, you could even argue that its faster... And im not talking about Force having the Mana regen doll in his video. Even without that it Regenerates too fast.

you have to sit there like spamming spells for like 10 seconds to even get down to half mana.

no other class can spam spells nonstop for anywhere near that long even starting will full resource. Im sure this scales with level some how but from what I've seen it hasn't yet.
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We've talked about this with the development team a good deal. While it's very likely you'll see tweaks here and there to classes and creatures throughout beta, there's still a learning curve of which you're only seeing its miniscule beginning.

The way that difficulty ramps up through an entire play through of the game -- and then again with each difficulty setting -- resource management, crowd control, skill use, etc. become extremely important. As far as beta content goes, we more or less want your grandmother to be able to pick a class and have reasonable success up to the Skeleton King (I mean no disrespect to grandmothers! I'm just using a stereotypical illustration in jest to put some perspective on the learning curve for the beginning of the game.)

So in all honesty, resource management shouldn't be a very big concern on Normal difficulty up to the Skeleton King. We've tried tuning the numbers in various ways around the board. We've found that the gameplay of having to worry or focus too much on resource management while just starting out and on this difficulty setting, is pretty crappy. This isn't World of Warcraft. We want you feeling comfortable wearing down your poor mouse and keyboard.

I really hate to say "don't knock it 'til you've tried it," as I know the response from most people here would be, "well let me friggin' try it!" But the point still stands. We want you to feel pretty good when you're starting out. We don't want you to shy away from spamming your skills and feeling really powerful. You'll actually learn pretty quickly this way how your resources regenerate and how to manage them -- you'll learn what you're capable of. That's what an action RPG is all about to us. That said, and as with all Blizzard games, you'll have to trust me when I say this one is easy to learn, but will be difficult to master.

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