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What is the Vanishing Dye?

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Anyone have any idea what it does? I guess it might be kind of funny to look like you are running around naked when you have on all your gear, but I can't imagine that would be fun for more than a brief period.
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It does exactly what it says. It makes the armor piece invisible. People might want to show off different parts of the default model. For instance, have a bare-chested barbarian with a sweet helm or something, might look cool.
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Maybe it removes the dye that was originally placed on the item??
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id assume it makes it invisible, aka how even though your wearing a circlet, you can still see you characters head (which i assume most people will using the vanishing dye on helmets)
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Would have been useful for the stupid green shako's in Diablo 2
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So basically there catering to the people who like the naked look of there characters from D2, Kind of a cool aspect and just goes to show you how much they pay attention to games past.
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if the soap dye is supposed to bring items back to original colors then that is currently bugged in the beta. my rare pants turned "normal" grey after using the dye remover.
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Invisible Pants, no one plays games with pants on.
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Skip to 3:00 for vanishing dyes.
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03/16/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Xecutë
Invisible Pants, no one plays games with pants on.

Especially if the vanishing dye is actually a noclip dye and your pants fall to the empty core of the D3 universe.
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this is cool if you ask me

more visual customization
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Some people used to really enjoy naked glitch in D2, you run around owning everything while appearing to be naked to everyone but yourself, it was pretty funny.
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no stuped helmets yaaaaaaaaaaaay
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