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Lore items in old and new Diablo games.

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I just want to know if the developers even care about this stuff at all. The guys who made the first diablo game put in some cool things and when I played through Diablo 2, there was a real effort to take some of those items and bring them back in cool ways. I want Diablo 3 to do the same thing, but I'm already seeing sloppiness on the implementation - like Bul-Kathos' wedding band bring Bul Katho's? I know it's just a typo (hopefully), but it seems like people aren't really paying attention to the little details that make things great.

It's also a little strange seeing the assassin set be turned into a demon hunter set - now instead of natalya's mark being a scissor suwayyah, it's a ring and somehow natalya added a crossbow to the set between now and D2. Small, but slightly jarring differences for D2 diehards.

The one thing that absolutely killed me was the lack of Shadowfang love. They wrote a whole story for the game in D2 about this crazy sword and it was added in D2 but as a regular unique but when LoD came out and its sister sword Azurewrath got the elite item treatment, Shadowfang was left in the trashdrop pile. Same thing in D3. Azurewrath looks great. There isn't even a Shadowfang?? I'm hoping that is just because they haven't gotten everything up on the site yet, but if you have any say in this at all, please take like 5 minutes in the item dev team and whip up another cool sword and call it Shadowfang.
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Wow haters going to hate. I am so pumped for the items being revamped, its not like they left the diablo world. Its the name of an item, brings back lots of memories and makes me excited.
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Im not saying they shouldnt be changed at all, it's just that they have established lore and then they ignore it, or forget about it, or they change it in weird ways and then have to backtrack or retconn - like the wanderer being leoric's son and everyone was like.. albrecht?

I'm sticking to the shadowfang gripe though. You got Azurewrath all pimped out, where is its evil twin?
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Natalya's set would have much better been served as a monk set with prefixes and affixes focused on mobility and quick attacks. But that's just me.
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