Diablo® III

Female Barbarian a little to MANly?

Want sex appeal? Go play a female monk or something. Sexy Eastern Bloc accent.
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09/24/2011 05:55 PMPosted by Izoll
My cousin won't stop talking about his head between her thighs....
You may want to put him on suicide watch, because I wouldn't feel safe between those thighs if I was a steel I-beam.
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I've fought girls who can hit me ridiculously hard, and i'm no small wimp either.
They're not beefy at all though, most are kinda bony and it's very perplexing to me but it just goes to show that a girl can kick !@# and not have to be beefy. I'd be cool with it if the fem barbs weren't so bulk since I know from experience that you don't need much of it to hit like a truck, then again those giant 2-handers are huuuuuge.
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09/24/2011 03:29 PMPosted by Melonsmasher
I have been seeing the screen shots of the female barb... and well to put it nicely she is FUGLY. I don't even think her fellow male barbs would allow her into bed.


Female barbarians grab the men they want and drag them to bed, willing or not.
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If you are complaining about the current model, you should check out the older version... Lol...

And to those comparing her with Xena... Please... Xena didn't jump 50 feet forward and land with a 8.0 earthquake....

Seriously, if they make her less beefy, it will look very silly on screen. Can you imagine a girl weighing 50 kilos only and able to do those earth shattering moves? It would look right in an anime but no, not Diablo 3.
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I'd do her no doubt.
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I would prefer a woman who's more like xena, but some people aren't the perfect woman and want their cahracters to look like them so they will like it. I'm not going to pass up male barb beastin it up even if the chick was hot, so whatever.

09/24/2011 08:40 PMPosted by doob
I'd do her no doubt.

Beggars can't be choosers.
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Death by Snoo Snoo
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09/24/2011 08:40 PMPosted by doob
I'd do her no doubt.

Beggars can't be choosers.

I like my women strong. Maybe a few more curves and less emphasis on the rock hard muscles.

But, like you said.
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