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Who uses Bows?

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I like playing a bow-shooting ranged class, I always play hunters / rogues that uses bows.

I HATE crossbows.

You guys seem to have posted bows in Diablo 3 - which class uses bows? All the demon hunter photos seem to suggest they use dual-wielding crossbows? So who uses bows? Can the demon hunter use bows instead of crossbows?
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I think the technical answer to that is "anybody who wants to". When you expand the weapons list on the left side, you see that there are no class icons next to bows or crossbows, while hand crossbows and wands have class restrictions.

How shooting with a bow will affect, or be affected by, Barbarian skills like Bash, I have no idea. Barbarians seem able to equip and use bows nonetheless. The Hotshot legendary bow and Pus Spitter legendary crossbow both add damage just for Witch Doctors, so they are clearly intended weapon options for that class.
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09/25/2011 07:04 AMPosted by Reedvoid
Can the demon hunter use bows instead of crossbows?

Yes - the demon hunter is designed to use bows, crossbows and her signature weapon is the hand-crossbow for dual wielding. A signature weapon is just a demon hunter only weapon, that does not exclude her from being able to use others just as effectively as it.
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From what i can tell the Bows and crossbows will have significantly more damage then the hand crossbows but you would be missing out on 2 sets of modifiers from two weapons instead of a one handed bow or crossbow
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Note the level 60 bow "Hot Shot" has a witch doctor only effect on it.
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Sounds good. I hope I can make a demon-hunter and use Bows instead of crossbows.
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