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Getting Skills but Can't Use them?

110 Undead Mage
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09/27/2011 10:19 AMPosted by Blazur
Express your concerns on the beta forums.

I thought this WAS the beta forums. When I pressed the "visit the beta forums" button, it took me here. The design is updated so why would I not think this the beta forums?

Calm down.
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90 Goblin Rogue
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09/27/2011 08:50 AMPosted by Mentoc
C'mon Blizz really? This guy got in?
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Are you sure those aren't passive skills, the 3 slots in bottom of Skills menu.
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110 Draenei Warrior
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I am pretty sure they sent testers instructions for beta feedback posting. Why is the OP posting this in the general forum?

Or does just having a pulse count these days?

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C'mon Blizz really? This guy got in?

Like ANY Blizzard game, Actually READING Skills, Quests, etc. is a GOOD thing
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My response was calm. I could have pointed out your incompetence and inability to read, but instead I chose not to.

If their UI is too simple for commonfolk then they deserve to know that. Hence my recommendation of posting your feedback where it matters. The beta forums.

This place is wrought with beta key demands so your ineptitude won't get the attention it deserves.
I like you, Blazur.

I wish he would have just went to the link I provided without pointing out his incompetence either. I thought I was helping, but apparently it wasn't an "extremely helpful answer."

Sigh. Kids these days.
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09/27/2011 08:50 AMPosted by Mentoc
C'mon Blizz really? This guy got in?

Yeah, it's sad when players that don't even have the beta have to teach those that do how to use it.
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