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WD build: Dogs, Bats,Gargantuan, lots of mana

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This is a PvE build designed for very high dps, good summons, and plenty of mana.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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Firebats is your main source of DPS, definitely worth picking up the vermin passive

Otherwise good build. You might find that you don't even need all those lifesteals and mana regeneration. If that's the case, I'd recommend Corpse Spiders with indigo (good aoe summon) or Spirit Barrage with alabaster. Both spells you only cast once ever 20 seconds to add their full damage so you can spend most of your time casting fire bats.

Oh and Sacrifice with crimson, at current stats, is also too good to pass up (+160% damage for 60 seconds). Hopefully that changes though otherwise all doc builds will have it.
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@Haggis, thanks! Here's the revised version!

Vermin has replaced Spiritual Attunement.
Hex has been replaced with Sacrifice with Crimson.

This should significantly increase the overall dps at the expense of some mana.
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Just to let you know... BAT is a very mana intensive spell. AT level 13, it takes like 5-6 seconds to spend all the mana you have. You can do almost 10-12 firebomb for the same amount of mana. Just saying!
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But it also regenerates in about the same time ;P

This guy seems to be able to sustain it!

Add in a few haunts before you cast like volcanic has set up for himself, and he should be ok!

Also volcanic, new build looks good! If you are going to use zombie dogs to sacrifice them and have +160% damage, I'd recommend changing the rune stone on them to either the respawn dog one or the drop health globe one!
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@Haggis, here is the build updated with the gold rune in zombie dogs for the drop health globe, as you mentioned.


This is good, since sacrifice would normally deprive me of the leech that the other rune would have given.

You mentioned something about a respawn dog rune, but I didn't see that; which rune specifically did you mean?

@DrVik, As Haggis mentions, I'm hoping that the haunts will help enough to cover the mana drain of my bats.

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Hey, sorry to keep suggesting changes, but I'd actually like to renege on my last one.

If you cast zombie dogs, wait 60 seconds, then sacrifice and instantly resummon dogs, then you can constantly have zombie dogs alive and the +bonus damage buff from sacrifice up.

So you were right, go for any rune you'd like on the dogs!

Personally I opt for crimson rune for the AoE damage on every dog! But if you'd prefer survivability then sure, alabaster.

Also I was mistaken about the respawn dog rune, that was actually one from sacrifice
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You're right, having the sac dmg bonus and active dogs up, seems doable.

I also think that you're right about going Crimson rune for the dogs for extra aoe dmg. (If I find my others heals are not enough, I can always switch it to an alabaster rune).

Here's the updated build:
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I wonder how the Cloud of Bats spell will work exactly. Definitely going to try it asap
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