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I've played from level 1 to SK-death a few times by now (fastest in <30 minutes), and came to a few conclusions, maybe others see it in a different way, but hey, this is a discussion board, so feel free to comment.

The question is: What can be tested with a max-level-13 char, and what can be tested with content up to the skeleton king.

Basically there are three types of monsters to fight against.
Type 1: 'normal' monsters, those usually die with the first hit
Type 2: 'blue' monsters, they take a few more hits, but usually die before they reach your character
Type 3: 'gold' monsters (and the SK himself), who usually reach your character before they die.

Now what skills do we have to use ?
Hungering Arrow ( auto-hits target)
Evasive Fire ( makes you jump back when you get hit )
Bola Shot ( +damage, no auto-hit )
Entangling Shot ( +slow, no auto-hit )
Grenade ( +damage, no auto-hit )

From what I've seen so far, the only skill I use at all is Hungering Arrow.
Reason: It does enough damage to kill anything (but 'gold' monsters) with one
hit, so the speed to kill monsters is (by far) the highest (due to me beeing able
to shoot anywhere into the vague direction of my enemy and auto-hitting
doing the rest).
There's no need for Evasive Fire, since I never have problems getting hit anyways,
no need for Bola Shot, since 'normal' monsters (which make 98% of all monsters)
die anyways, no need for Entangling Shot (since monsters can't reach me with
their full speed anyways) and no (real) need for Grenade (since I might miss
them due to lacking auto-hit, and I don't need the extra damage).

So all those other skills are pretty useless in my opinion. (At least in this stage of
the game). That means they won't get tested (at least not by me, and probably
not by a whole lot of others either).
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ok, this is how i see it.

you are a lucky sob who got lucky enough to be a friend or faimly, or get into the first wave of the beta. congrats is that what you wanted to hear?? or is this a real question in which case i'll have just as much fun.

OK the way "Betas" work is you play an X amout of time trying out Y amount of skills, and figure out any glitchis, etc who cares if u can kill 98% of the mobs with "Hungering Arrow" the point is to check out all the skills and tell blizz.

For example i saw many family friend beta user videos of DH's and fan of knives IMO i HATED the skill u grab it then run up and spam it till all the mobs died "YAY" ( did u catch my sarcasim??, if not, it was there) blizz saw that and guess what the lvl of it changed they put a CD on it and it does more dam so i think its better. The way it is disigned now is a bunch of guys get to you(just giving an example dont hate me by saying oh they nvr do... i dont care), you use it and the mobs are hit for 200% weap dam and are slowed what 65%? and then u can vault away and blast them, BAM that's a great skill now i MIGHT actually get it now.

But my point is who cares if you get kill 98% of the mobs with one spell thats cool, im sure they wll get harder in the later acts remember act 4 and 5 norm compared to 2 and 3?? the mobs were harder. That is how i see it. test out all the skills see how you like them see where they could be effective and have some fun with them, I see guys all the time useing some skills even i would think of useing as long as they have, but they are just have fun with them learning them funding good or bad reasons to use them.

So go do that, and dont nag on something tht isnt fully competle, oh and BTW.... THANKS... for the prob nerf to the Hungering Arrow, some blizz guy has prov seen this post and will be like hey we gotta nerf it some dudes saying he can kill 98% of the mobs in act one with one shot. so good job buddy.
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I agree that I'm using hungering arrow a lot more than all my other skills, but we're not even through half the game I don't think balancing is necessary right now. I'm sure things will be different as we advance through the beta.
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When I played a DH in the beta, I found myself using Entangling Shot whenever there was 2+ mobs, and Hungering Arrow whenever there was only 1 mob.

I ran with a good dps 2H xbow and Entangling Shot would kill 2 typical mobs every cast. Hungering Arrow in beta has 50% chance to pierce, so sometimes it would kill a second mob after waiting a second, but I only trusted it to kill 1 mob per cast.

I found both skills useful in the beta.

I also didn't care for Bola Shot or Grenades since you have to wait for them to explode instead of dealing the damage instantly like Hungering/Entangling.

I think Evasive Fire will be a lot better with the Obsidian rune dealing 115% weapon damage + 510% as an aoe explosion while back-flipping away (escape skill). Unfortunately runes can't be tested currently.
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09/29/2011 05:04 PMPosted by Spooky
I think Evasive Fire will be a lot better with the Obsidian rune dealing 115% weapon damage + 510% as an aoe explosion while back-flipping away (escape skill). Unfortunately runes can't be tested currently.

that sounds rly good thats one of the skills i think will be rly good.
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I'm currently running Entangling Shot as my main attack. It always hits two close targets for good damage. Slightly less damage against single-target, but I also take Mark for Death so that becomes moot.
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You raaaaang?
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