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Critique my "I will Survive" WD

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I saw a lot of replenish life/mana skills on the Witch Doctor, so I wanted to try to make an "infinite" life/mana Witch Doctor with DoTs as its damage.


Crimson Zombie Dogs: Adds a fire DoT to my 3 dogs (which makes it nice, since they can spread around and damage more enemies at once) and they can distract enemies from me. I am debating on this and Obsidian Gargantuan. The only thing with Gargantuan I do not want to "risk" is he is a 1 summon, 120 second cooldown. I think I feel safer with the 3 summon, 60 second cooldown ^^

Golden Haunt: A long DoT (arcane) which gives me some mana back. And it is spreadable (kind of). Might look into other Mana regen skills though.

Golden Locust Swarm: Another DoT (poison) and is spreadable. Not too sure about the Golden rune, it just depends on how good/bad my mana regen would be. I might change it to Obsidian for a longer effect.

Alabaster Spirit Walk: Mobility and a good way to restore my life quickly.

Golden Firebats: More of my main damage skill. AoE DoT skill with leech life.

Soul Harvest: Another quick way to get my health back up and adds some attack power, which could help out my DoTs a bit.

SA: More mana and regen mana. Seems fitting.

Blood Ritual: Seems like a weird choice, but I am able to cast more and not worry about mana so much. This is the point of all the life gain skills as well.

Pierce the Veil: Helps out the DoTs, and with Blood Ritual, I have less to worry about with mana.

Let me know what you think and if you have and ideas. Thanks :3
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If your going for ultimate survivability I would think Life Link with your zombie dogs would be a must. 70% of damage going to dogs will mean you won't easily be a victim to burst damage.

Mana wise I think your going to have 2x the regeneration than what you could possibly use. Blood Ritual alone would probably allow you to spam bats all day long but for your objectives I'd say Blood Ritual + one other spell and you wont even see your blue ball go down.

With a couple minor changes I think you could have what you want plus much higher dps.

You might like this variation of your idea.


All speculation of course.
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Die I'd imagine. Could be a good idea to use the poison runestone for the bats.
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Yeah, I was trying to get a couple of different damages in there, thus why I strayed away from Fire Locust.

As for the zombie dogs rune, I was looking at it, and I don't know if I would prefer that or not. If the dogs take the damage I take when I cast my spells, it could bring them down pretty quickly.

But I am looking to change some runes/other things around though. It is hard to say how well the build will do without knowing how much mana/life I will have and how much regain I get from things and etc etc. I was going a bit heavy on the life/mana regain for that reason ^^; But when the game comes out and if I decide to make this build, I will have to try something like your variation. Maybe add a different skill other than locust/fire bats if I don't want the leech life/mana.


I might do something like this even. Looks kinda fun, has more DPS, but less mana regen.

Thanks for the reply and ideas :3
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