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Highest Damage Doctor, based on current #s

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Will be, without a doubt, a built that utilizes the following:

Firebats (crimson)
Zombie Dogs (any)
Sacrifice (crimson)
Soul Harvest (Golden)

(o) Pierce the Veil
(o) Vermin
(o) Zombie Handler

Firebats, clocking in at an impressive 325% weapon damage for 40 yards.

Increased damage
Vermin: 20%
Pierce the Veil: 20%
Sacrifice: 160%
Total increased damage from spells: 200%

Firebats, final damage: 975% weapon damage per second.
with + 126 attack per enemy effected from Soul Harvest


And this is assuming increased spell damage isn't cumulative (stacking).

Add in any two spells that do not come at the expense of casting firebats, and you
have the highest damage output build for the witch doctor, based on current figures.

Credit to Damukag for first discovering this.

Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#VbTghc!ZdX!ZZZbYa
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Could also replace something like Haunt or Gargantuan with Mass Confusion. Using the red runestone, that's another 80% additional damage. Also, Soul Harvest for additional Attack rating.
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For what it's worth, you should also add Soul Harvest in there, since it indirectly increases your total damage output via the Attack stat.

For maximum Fire Batsss
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Haunt+alabaster is a better boss killer than firebats. I would suggest Soul Harvest + golden for mana. It also boost your attack further.
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Good suggestions. New build


Haunt + alabaster

Haunt does 320 over 1.9 seconds = 168 DPS
Fire bats does 325 DPS and receives the benefit from Vermin

So I'd still recommend firebats, even for boss killing, unless mana is a real problem.
I've taken your soul harvest + golden suggestion though

Mass Confusion

Definitely an option. I've still got Corpse Spiders in as you can have that permanently summoned, whereas Mass Confusion has a 60 second Cool down. But could be particularly useful for tricky fights / elite monsters. Does it work on bosses?
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I love it but I would change the zombie dog rune to a crimson.
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09/28/2011 10:07 PMPosted by Captain
I love it but I would change the zombie dog rune to a crimson.

I socketed the golden rune intending to only use dogs to sacrifice them for bonus damage

However you've got me thinking; if you summon the zombie dogs for 60 seconds, let the spell cool down, and then sacrifice, and instantly resummon, then you can constantly keep dogs summoned and constantly have the sacrifice buff. So yes, I will in fact change the rune to crimson.
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09/27/2011 10:04 PMPosted by Haggis
Haunt does 320 over 1.9 seconds = 168 DPS

It actually says 320% per second over 1.9 seconds.

Haunt also costs 1/3rd mana compared to Firebats so it is much more efficient, especially against a single target.
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It actually says 320% per second over 1.9 seconds.

Ah it does too. Haunt for bosses and single targets then, definitely
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