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New Class Suggestion: Dragonkin

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First of all, I would like to say that I personally would LOVE to see a dragon based class in D3. Whether that happens or not is a different story. Blizzard feel free to take whatever you want from this post.

Please, feedback and suggestions more than welcome. I am no class designer by any stretch of the imagination.

This is a dragon looking class that fights with melee weapons but also has various fire based abilities. Dragonkin is a hybrid melee fighter / short range spell caster. He is a ruthless fighter that can call upon powerful fire based magicks from his ancient brethren.

Concept art: Something like this maybe -

Resource (2-part): Zeal / Fervor

You gain Zeal with your melee attacks, but you also spend it for zeal-based abilities. Once you have maxed your Zeal, the Dragonkin goes into a frenzy, morphing into a full bodied dragon and greatly increasing his attack speed and instantly refreshes the cooldowns of all his abilities. This effect lasts for x amount of time (haven't decided yet, 10-15 seconds maybe?). You also instantly receive max Zeal whenever you fall below 30% health. Frenzy can only occur once every x seconds (60-120 maybe?) and depletes the Zeal globe whenever the duration ends.

Fervor is the magickal counterpart to zeal and is used for your fire based spells. For the most part, it works like Wizard's Arcane Power, in that it regenerates relatively quick, perhaps not quite as fast though. However, when Dragonkin goes into a Frenzy, Fervor regenerates extremely fast.

General thoughts: Since D3 has not made use of a sword and shield type character, this class could fit that role. But it might be a little too OP to have a class that can melee, cast spells, and be able to significantly increase defense with a shield, especially with Frenzy. Some balancing might have to happen first. Let me know what you guys think.

Some Abilities (WIP):

Dragon's Breath (Fervor) - Spew forth fire to burn your enemies in a cone effect in front of you. Does initial damage plus damage over time.

Ancient Brethren (Fervor) - Call upon the aid of your brethren. Summons 2 dragons to fight for you for x seconds. The dragons would have similar abilities/spells as the Dragonkin.

Fiery Rage (Fervor) - Dragonkin is filled with rage, as his body is ignited in flames that deals continuous fire damage to surrounding enemies and causing his attacks do deal addition fire damage.

Wing Dash (Zeal) - You dash forward with your weapon, dealing bonus weapon damage and knocking away enemies in your path.

Talon Strike (Zeal) - Swings your weapon as you spin one full rotation rapidly, damaging all enemies hit, then swings again in an arch and jumps in the direction of your cursor.

Impale (Zeal) - Thrust your weapon into an enemy as it becomes attached to your weapon for x seconds, taking damage over time for the duration. (You could really have some fun with this abilities' mechanics. For instance, if you impale a monster enchanted with the frost buff, you would then deal addition frost damage for the duration of the ability.) Would not work on bosses, and instead just deals damage over time.
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There is only one dragon that has ever been mentioned in Diablo lore and that is Trag'Oul - on whose back the world of Sanctuary lies.
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Considering the lore of the game would be entirely and incredibly broken, I disagree. This concept would do wonders in the WoW universe, though.
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This is Diablo 3. Not World of Dungeons and Dragons!!!!!

Stupidity asside, the work you've invested in your idea proves you're actually really interested in it. I'm just unsure how this could work in the Diablo universe but Blizzard could manage to make it work somehow.

It could be interesting to have something like that or maybe a Snake/Human mixed race/class character to replace the dragon part since there doesn't seem to be many dragons in Diablo. Dunno.
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I'm fairly sure there's no Dragon's in Sanctuary.

09/27/2011 08:28 AMPosted by KroBa
There is only one dragon that has ever been mentioned in Diablo lore and that is Trag'Oul - on whose back the world of Sanctuary lies.

And I'm fairly sure he's supposed to be a constellation or something like that anyway.
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I don't feel any dragony chars fitting the mood of this game.
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Hard to have dragonkin without dragons.
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It doesn't make sense for any hero character in a Diablo game to be anything but nephalem.
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I'd like to recognize you for your creativity. It might not fit in the diablo world, but I'd love a sword/shield archetype
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Yea unfortunately this doesn't really fit into the diablo 3 world... I applaud your creativity as others have said, you clearly have invested some thought into this.

I would apply this in the wow forums as a new class and especially dragons fit much more into that game. IMHO.
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I would like to see a hybrid murloc class, or hmm purhaps even a vicious furlbog attacker?
Best of all would be if blizz formed an alliance with TSR and created a "DragonLance" universe.
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OP is a pretty damn good troll I tip my trollhat to him *Tips trollhat*
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Thanks guys for the feedback.

You guys are right though, I guess dragons really do not fit in the Diablo universe. I would rather re-work this concept to make it fit because I really like his resource system, I think its a fun concept.

I'll do some brainstorming and re-post. Perhaps I should read up on some lore first.

Thanks again for the supportive feedback, nice to see on the forums instead of just trolling all the time. :D
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It works, but only if you find-replace dragonkin with demonkin on your post.
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09/27/2011 10:57 AMPosted by Valormeer
OP is a pretty damn good troll I tip my trollhat to him *Tips trollhat*

Not trolling, I'm trying to come up with a serious concept.
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