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Calculating Wizard Damage

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Recently the damage for wizards and the witch doctor has been changed from spells dealing a set amount of damage, to a function of weapon damage. Since we now have a preview of weapons and the skill calculator, I just want to put this out there to get it right...

Say I have a wizard with Ume's Lament wand. The damage is 79-178. It says 165 dps and adds 51-111% damage to wizards. Now lets cast a meteor with a crimson runestone in it, turning it into Molten Impact, dealing 990% weapon damage on impact.

so if I do maximum damage (178) and multiply that by 990% (9.9) and add 111% on top of that, I have a total of (178)(9.9) + (178)(1.11) = 1959.78 damage on impact?
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I think it would probably be (178)(9.9)(1.11). The "increases your damage by ____%" multiplies your damage by that factor, not adds an additional factor of your weapon damage to all abilities. Also, you've forgotten to include attack in your calculation, which also increases all damage you do by a %. So it would be like

Ability Damage = ((Weapon Damage)(Ability Multiplier) + (Ability Flat Bonus))(Attack Bonus)(% Damage Class Bonus)
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