First off, a big time Fan of Diablo, been in it since the beginning.

Temp Data & Art

All items are examples of what may appear in Diablo III.
They are not final. Expect more rainbows...

This message is clear to me, however, I still think I should voice my opinions.

Looking through the items, I compiled a list of the more obvious items I have seen the reference things outside of Diablo. While I can see how the entertaining value of items referencing things on the internet and in tv shows, I think after they lose their novelty it'll just be a bad joke. I love Diablo as much as the next person, which is why I just want to make sure to warn you of the danger of naming items after things that have nothing to do with Diablo. To do so would disrupt people trying to immerse themselves in the game, which would be an unfortunate side effect.


Chaingmail - Of course a reference to either change your email or change to Gmail, not sure which.

Beckon Sail - Kate Beckinsale


Tasker and Theo - Based on the soldier and his dog.


The Hot Gate - 300 reference


Justice Lantern - I wonder if the ring can make a solid shield to block all these references from reaching my eyes...


The Murloc.... You know what, keep it.

Kymbo's Gold - Kymbo slice gonna make the nice.


Boj Angelers - Mr. Bojangles is too creepy.


Hammer Jammers - I am almost sure this is a reference to MC Hammer, but don't quote me on that. I really hope the pants don't look a like...


The Barber - Sounds like A Sweeny Todd reference.


The 300th Spear - Self explanatory


The Ancient Bonesabor of Zumakalis - I honestly laughed out loud when I saw this. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Reference.

Monster Hunter - Reference to the Game Monster Hunter


Harvest Moon - Reference to the game Harvest Moon


Logan's Claw - Yup.


Iron Jang !@#$ - hehehehe...

Two-handed Swords:

Maximus - Gladiator ref

Two-handed Mighty:

Monster Masher - He did the Monster Mash!


Etrayu - If you look close enough, you'll see a tiny Falcor.

Hot Shot - A number of poker played nick named this, along with HotshotsGG from League of Legends.

Well, that seems to be it. I'm sure there are other references I didn't get, but that's the best i could do. Also, I know that these items are in their temporary phase and the item names could easily change, but I just wanted to voice my concern for the coming launch. Diablo is very dear to me, and I would hate to see people criticizing it.