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Signature Strikes for DHs?

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I'm looking at the new skill setup for Demon Hunters, and I'm wondering if Hatred Generators aren't a little OP. I mean, with most of them, you're getting a pretty nice strike: adding bonus hatred to that seems like overkill. DHs are the only class that have both hatred generators and natural hatred regeneration.

What if, instead of hatred generators, there were a set of Signature arrow attacks that, like the signature spells of the wizard, got cheaper as one's level rose, to a minimum Hatred cost of 0? That way, Demon Hunters would still have something to spam when their Hatred ran out, without being rewarded for doing so.

I guess I'm just saying I like the way the wizard manages its resources, and wonder if the DH could manage Hatred the same way.

Good idea? What do you all think? Anyone with me on this?
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The DH needs a lot of re-tuning with the new system. None of those skills are going to be final thats for sure.
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considering the fact that it has been changed already and its been what 3 weeks since beta family/friend came out that ovrall hasnt been that long.

aswell if the game is comming out jan or feb.. thats still how many months away?? tht could be an other 1.33 changes per month(all be it, it prob wont be but thats not the point) but i do not think they will go that way, its to much like the wizards as u put it, the way i see it is that they are trying to have the "power" of the chars skills all be different which i rly like but to make them balenced and different isnt that easy cause they want to make them gain, lose, do tons of diff things
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I'd rather keep it different than wizards. The natural hatred regeneration is going to be low, about 5 hatred per second compared to wizards 12.5 arcane power per second. With the increased cost of Hatred spenders, I don't see a problem with having the Hatred generators and natural regeneration at the same time.

The numbers aren't final so it might be different anyway.
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