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The Witch Doctor Heals/Support build.

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All input and brainstorming is welcome in this thread.

One thing to keep in mind is that I will be playing nothing but Hardcore mode as I always have, dieng should = game over. I will also have a pool of close real life friends + my girlfriend playing along side me so I will never be solo'n.

Ok on with the build.

1. Summon Zombie Dogs
+ Golden for 85% chance to spawn Health globe upon death, this is the cornerstone to this build.

2. Haunt has 2 options testing required.
+ Alabaster This is 168.42% wd/s roughly recasted every 2 seconds for single target DPS group assist.
+ Obsidian for increased crowd control of 50% slow. Also longer duration allows haunts to jump targets upon death where that would not happen with alabaster. only 33% wd/s though.

3. Grasp of the Dead 2 options here as well.
+ Alabaster Enemies killed inside the grasp have 65% chance of dropping health globe
+ Golden 4.5s cooldown instead of 8 (only if Alabaster chosen for Haunt)

4.Sacrifice This is DPS + Health Globe Proc bread and butter.
+Alabaster Each Zombie Dog sacrificed has 70% chance of spawning a new one.

5.Big Bad Voodoo This ability is up for changing depending on length of end game boss battles and if the fetish can be destroyed also there might not even be the need for even more additional dogs. Without knowing the AoE for this spell it's suspect as well. I could even see replacing this with Fetish Army for situational uses for increased DPS output rather than small 15% group buff + more dogs or perhaps even Gargantuan just to have pet/dps until release and testing this is all suspect. But just for the sake of having maximum number of zombie dogs up for sacrificing for more health globes I have to lean towards Voodoo.
+Alabaster Enemies who die in ritual area have 75% chance of spawning a Zombie Dog.

6. Mass Confusion Even more CC + Dogs
+Alabaster 99% of confused target spawning Zombie Dog upon death.

1. Gruesome Feast This is another cornerstone of this build with all the health globes from zombie deaths added on top of the normal drops from enemies this will almost always be at +50% dmg. Increasing sacrifice grasp and haunt dmg.

2. Zombie Handler This is a given.. maximum # of Zombies to 4 for more sacrifice dmg and more Health Globe drops.

3.Pierce the Viel Being as experienced as I am I don't think I will require Death Trance for survivability I'd rather go with the +20% dps here because I don't see Mana being a huge problem in this build with appropriate gear.

Heres the link to my decided version of this build

Well Let me know what ya'll think.
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I had a similar build a while back.

You need solid AoE to kill things while BBV or MC are up for more dogs. I suggest crimson firebats. Haunt is not a good single target skill because it doesn't stack on one target. Even poison dart+indigo is better.
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In my final version of the build I chose Obsidian Haunts for the little DPS and crowd control it offers on top of having Grasp as well.. I mentioned I will not be solo'n so I don't need a significant damage output spell although sacrifice will be putting out around 200%+50%+20% weapon damage in 12 yard AoE bombs. This is for team play, If I was solo'n I would use something different.
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