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$10 bucks for beta access?

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09/27/2011 07:02 AMPosted by Luvboard
I mean hey it may even be worth $15 bucks lol. So the question is. Q1: Reasonably how much would you spend for a beta pass into D3? It's and hour and half of content but it would really curb my appetite blizzard. (Two days ago I just spent 40 bucks on D2 and the expansion just cause I wanted to play >.>)

Nothing unless it goes towards a retail copy. Someone said that alreaddy but thats exactly it right thar.
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Well I spent $350 on a blizzcon pass last year on eBay (bleh) specifically because I wanted to play D3 and check out the behind the scenes stuff, and possibly get a beta key... so I guess I'd pay $350...

God, what does that say about me lol
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I'd pre-order if beta access was assured.
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I'd put up $10 to get in beta
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pontless thread guys lol Blizz isnt a sellout :P theyre bauss!
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I'm not paying anyone to work for them. That's an insane idea.
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People like you are the reason micro transations were created. Nerds will pay anything for more pixels than the next person.

@NubZ P.S. PC games are 49.99 console are 59.99 usually by default... just sayin
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60 bucks if the money either went to charity or half of it applied towards the purchase of the game.
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They should sell the beta and refund half the money you spend to the RMAH when release of official game comes. I'd do that. Would give incentive to use the RMAH then too.
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