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I don't have beta but was wondering if the spiders that are tossed actually get in the way of enemies, or if they are targeted by enemies or not before their short death. I haven't seen but a few videos where the spiders are even used and it is very hard to tell what is going on. Sometimes it looks like the enemy is totally disrupted by a small mass of spiders and can't move or do much of anything. The frogs just go randomly and explode somewhere but the spiders seem to have more more going on before they expire.

The Obsidian rune that lets them leap around and is very intriguing, and should enable them to always get a couple of hits on something. That is the rune I am probably most interested in.
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Right now, as from beta with no rune.. well this spell is useless....
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With 4 spiders attacking quickly, enemies have trouble moving but they don't block the enemy and they can't be killed before their timer runs out.

There are a couple problems in its base form:

If the enemy is moving or running towards you, it is very easy to "miss" with the jar you throw and when the spiders come out they have to run over to the enemy. This travel time can cause the spiders to do very little or no damage before their time runs out.

The damage is basically a DoT so the damage is slow and not instant.

Mana cost is really high, usually DoT spells are more efficient because its not instant damage but this is not the case.
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Currently the spiders don't get in the way they seem to be untargettable by enemies. Il play with it a bit more but i don't believe any of the runes will make them targetable. Ie the game treats them like projectiles.
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Thanks for the replies. Dangit blizzard I hope this game doesn't end up like D2 where tons of skills are just useless. Frogs already seem very weak after leaving the starting areas, and the Zombie Charger skill looks pretty clunky and short ranged so you might as well just use Firebats instead. I am really getting the feeling that there are only going to be 4 or 5 of these 9 physical realm skills that are going to be any good throughout the game.
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I like spiders. Their underrated. Its a cc and damage type thing but not extreme .
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This video shows a lot of spider action, starting at 26:00. It looks like that if they are aimed correctly, they bite their target 2 times right when the bottle breaks. At best they seem to get 10 attacks total before expiring after 3 seconds, which is not that bad, but rarely does a target last that long. If they have to choose a new target the AI is pretty dumb. Maybe at higher levels with tougher mobs they will see more use, and I think if they are spaced out instead of spammed they work better, hard to tell.

The best thing seems to be its very nice range and that you can toss it down to the next level, through gates, and use it in situations like that, though you can do that with Firebomb too.
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I think the Spider Queen (indigo) & Leaping Spiders (obsidian) are pretty good options.
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Yeah I think corpse spiders has a lot of potential - especially with leaping spiders rune and fast casting speed gear. Can't wait to spam this spell like crazy.
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