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Strafe does what?

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Obviously nobody has played it so no true answer exists.

200% attack speed. Each shot does 50% weapon damage.

Has anybody learned anything from lvl 13 that suggest these values don't just cancel each other out?

So you toggle strafe to "generate" a hatred of minus 2 a second, move at 65% your normal speed, and use a rune.

I would speculate that it could be a diablo 2 sorc's thunderstorm(?) ability that you just toggle on and it just goes off. However based on other comments about monk mantras that seems like a no go because its too close to a passive.

All we've got is the skill tooltip, but it seems like that alone shows the skill to be a negative and not a positive. "200% attack speed, 50% dmg, 65% run speed, 2 hatred a second" Where is the "good" in that skill tooltip?
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The point is you are able to attack while moving and with natural hatred regeneration, you will be gaining hatred while you do it. (Assuming 5 hatred per second, they said it would be about half of current which is 10 per second)
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Runes can further improve it.

Though I don't see much use for it as it currently stands. I mean shooting as you move isn't bad, but I couldn't justify taking it over most anything else.
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At 12 seconds, you can see what is most probably strafe with either Crimson or Obsidian Rune.
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The best potential generator for damage is Hungering Arrow. It deals 115% weapon damage and has various runes to up the damage.

naturally dealing 50% weapon damage and moving doesn't sound so good but if you actually think about it...

Every shot deals 50% weapon damage AT 200% your normal attack speed meaning the skill is really doing 100% weapon damage (only 15% less than HA).

Now add on Rocket Storm (Obsidian rune) and it now fires off rockets (plural) for 120% damage in ADDITION to it's already 100% damage.

And finally you add the level 30 passive Ballistics making your rockets deal 240% damage.

How many rockets does it fire? I would guess 2-3.

To me that spells S E X for boss fights. You have mobility and dealing tons of damage when those rockets nail that demon in it's ugly little face.

+Marked for Death
+Spider Companion(slows) & Passive to deal 20% extra damage to slowed.
= gg
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