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So im tired of all these post of stuff people don't like. I try to sift through all the winers and get to the cool stuff like; videos, pics, weapons, characters, etc...

So lets talk about stuff you guy love about the new Diablo 3. and yes i know most of you have not played, but like me i can't play so i watch the enormous amount of videos online.

I love the way you can destroy parts of the environment, it gives the game more of a realistic edge.

and thats only one of the million things i love.
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Health orbs = greatest thing ever
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I am extremely intrigued by the skill system and the combo of several different skills together with different rune combos as well. I'd love if I could get my hands on a wizard in just a blank space with all skills and runes available just to see how they would work.
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health orbs and auto-pickup gold are the biggest bonuses right away. Playing with the skill and rune combo's are going to be a whole 'nother level of awesome though.
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agreed! I'm definitely excited to see how the skills change(visually) with runes added!
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Yes the orbs, auto gold pick up and separate loot are all great.
I can't comment on the skill swapping as at the same time it seems fun and a nuisance.
Got to break the ways of D2 I guess, and I'll determine that when I actually get to play.

However the rune system is creative and I look forward to that.
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Everything :D

Destructable Environments
Rune system
Random properties on Legendaries

and best of all, zero cost skills!
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Im not super stoked on the RMAH but i do hope to make a couple bucks if i find anything cool that i don't need. But putting something up for auction that i can just put in my stash for another character seems crazy.

Im extremely excited for the runes! like i said, can't wait for the visual change to skills!

Speaking of skills, i love that they don't require points. that was a definite awesome change from D2 to D3!
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Sound effects. To hear the Hammer of the ancients booming echo inside a dungeon is the best, thing, evarrr!
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Despite the fears of the masses I think they absolutely nailed the dark atmosphere and visceral combat.

That and adding random properties to the set and legendary items to keep you hunting for that "perfect" piece.
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The fact that Monster Hunter is a sword. (Though I hate the fact that it's not a great sword).
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Random properties on Legendaries makes for the possibility of the never ending hunt for the "perfect" weapon for what you want.
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The fact that Monster Hunter is a sword. (Though I hate the fact that it's not a great sword).

Agreed whole-heartedly.
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