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Did they buff fan of knives?

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I remember fan of knives doing like 50% weapon damage then I see it on the skill calculator for 200%. Which is it?
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Originally (and possibly still on the beta) it was a non-scaling flat amount. In one incarnation of the skill calculator it was put at 50% weapon damage, and in the current one it's 200% with a cooldown. Things change.
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I don't remember what the lvl 60 damage was but at low levels it was doing 2-2 damage (saw on a stream) so I doubt the lvl 60 damage was impressive. No where near the current 200%weapon damage. Too bad you can't spam it now :D
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It did very low dmg in the Force video, its best used as an AOE Slow as it hits all targets.
If they have up'd the DMG then that is why its got a cool down now, in the video it did not.
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The change in the skills for the calculator are the ones we will currently see when the game releases unless they change them more. I think a blue said that the skill calculator is Linked to the data that they are currently going to run with. Of course, that data can change between now and then and NONE of this has shown up in the beta yet.
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Yeah it's linked to something but the new skill changes are not in the beta yet.
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The beta DH uses the old character design where everything costs hatred and the skills are unlocked at different levels than the skill calc. The updated skill calculator has the new character design with hatred generators and spenders so it's more like a Barb/Monk play style.

Fan of Knives is an okay ability in the beta, I only used it when a pack of mobs was close since it's short ranged and on a 10 sec cooldown (not often). The new version looks like a good "oh crap" button (w/crimson rune) when getting swarmed since it'll one-shot a typical mob on normal difficulty.

I was more impressed with Entangling Shot since it does full damage to two targets at the same time and if they managed to live, were snared. With a good dps 2H crossbow, I'd one-shot two mobs almost every cast.
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