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Zombie Dog Runes.

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Let's discuss the rune possibilities for Zombie dogs.

Leeching beasts- Seems like a nice rune. Good for a tanky approach.

Burning dogs- Seems like a nice rune too. Put out some more damage.

Final Gift- Leeching beasts seems to make this feel redundant but I can see some builds that can work with it.. get extra attack from globes etc.

Life Link- Okay.. another tanky style rune. Maybe better in pvp where players will attack you rather then pets.

Rabid dogs- I really don't see the point of this rune. It's just a weaker version of burning beasts. Sure there would be a time where the dog would get one hit off and die, and a dog with burning beast would get one second near an enemy then die, giving the rabid 35% weapon damage more.. but really?
This could be replaced with something else that really changes up the skill.

- Maybe a rune that reduces the number of dogs to one, but makes it lets say.. a zombie wolf, with more health and damage.
- Or the opposite end and increase the number to 6 and reduce the health and damage of each.
- Id even take a rune that makes the dogs leach mana.
- A rune that makes the dogs periodically taunt/debuff enemies.
- If we need a poison damage rune.. what about leave poison behind when killed..

Anything.. So many creative possibilities..
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id rather have the 70%/life link ones gone for something else, that would be sweet! but i find rabid dogs (assuming its the same skin as the dogs with the locust swarm buff before that was removed) is pretty awesome

however i would like to see them receive the rabies skill from druids in d2, that would be a cool way for them to deal psn dmg

also, what if fire rune gave 2 bigger dog with skins more like corehounds o.O

would be nice to have a rune to have like 5 or 7 smaller ones too, maybe creeper rune =D

with these kinda changes the traid that increases to 4 should be changed to 33% more dogs or +1 dog

speaking of such things

there should be a spider rune OR MORE (or maybe, let the spiders last longer as a whole) for the corpse spiders skill.

i find that skill to be awesome, but ultimately is meh simply bc they go away so fast, even if u can have a bunch for a cpl seconds. im talking like a 4 second increase with a slight mana increase (they currently last like 4 seconds)
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Well if the skill compensates for the reduced or increased dogs it would be fine. Like you spawn 3 dogs then they split into 2 like a weird mutation. Then if you get the passive to increase them to 4 it would increase the dogs from 6 to 8. And just have each small dog half the health and damage.

If the rune made it one large dog then the 3 dogs could spawn then jump on eachother and merge into one have the health and damage of 3 normal dogs. So when the passive increases the number to 4, the 4 merge to one..

Yeh I'm sure some people like the poison theme but it is just out shined by burning dogs. Since burning dogs is more damage and aoe. Maybe make the rabid dogs poison speed and docmore damage or a debuff.

I agree about the spiders but I think it was blizzards intention to be temporary. Be nice if one rune made them follow you around for a bit.

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I plan to use rabid dogs. I think it's good to spread your damage types around.
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Question about the crimson rune.. it says 70% wep damage per second.. is that for each dog? like if all 3 dogs were standing next to the same target it will take 210% wep damage per second? 280% if you have the passive that grants 4 dogs?
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I wish it did a stacking effect that way its stronger overtime vs bosses and harder enemy's, but weaker up front compared to fire

Basically i don't see a reason for it
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The fire damage is AOE and stacks with the other dogs.

The rabid dogs dot is single target and does not stack, just each hit refreshes it. It is out shined in every way (Except the one second, one dog scenario I talked about).

AOE is king in this game, plus flaming dogs looks cool- and they dont even need to touch their targets. They could be stunned and still be doing the damage.

It really does need to be looked at. Delphin that's good for you, but doesn't excuse the rune being underpowered in comparison.

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A video showing the flaming dogs.

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Yeah, I agree with this. Rapid dogs seems so inferior to burning dogs...I don't see the point to getting it.

Yeah! I don't know if blizzard knows the point either. Seems like they just threw it in so they can say "Hey look, that's what the ability to put locusts onto your dogs was changed to". Without really having a real investment to it creatively.
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maybe enemy infected by rabid dog will infect other monsters around it like locust swarm?
just my guess
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would be nice if we could buff our dogs as fire or plague and have 2 more runes to put up like more weaker dogs or less stronger ones, or some other cool ideas

and yea would be nice if what queen said happened

edit: oh man i just invisioned something with buffing pets that would be amazing...

what if the spell u used to buff the dogs (1 chosen fire, psn AND ARCANE XD spell) was affected by the runes in the spell? like if u had:


for the firebomb rune, the dogs would have a chance on getting hit to create a column of flame

or for locust swarm or any of the other firebomb runes, it would work on attack for the most part

and arcane barage would just add arcane dmg and rune effects to the dogs, and if u have manitou or phantasm, it simply puts it on the dog instead of yourself if u have ur mouse over the dog
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maybe enemy infected by rabid dog will infect other monsters around it like locust swarm?
just my guess

No it doesn't. This would make it better, though still not as good as burning dogs.
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I'd rather Rabid Dogs put on a stacking DoT. It doesn't make sense having a DoT when the pet is just gonna attack it over and over - resetting the DoT, so a stacking DoT would be cool.

Other ideas....

A rune that infects the target. If the target dies, it becomes a Zombie Dog for 10 seconds (creating a potential chain reaction).

A rune that allows the Dogs to teleport.

A rune that causes the Dogs to be very possessive of the WD, resulting in it attacking en mass anything that attacks the WD - abandoning their current targets, if need be.

A rune that gives the Dogs a ranged attack - they become those Spine spitting things.

A rune that causes the Dogs to explode when killed (by natural means, not by being Sacrificed).

A rune that makes them temporary summons but more powerful. Say, they can be summoned for 20 seconds, with a 30 second cooldown. This would also tie in with the Sacrifice rune that resurects Sacc'd Dogs.

A rune that causes them to growl at the target and stun them (fear them but they don't move) for 3 seconds.

A rune that causes your Dogs to pick up the loot for you.

A rune that boosts the AI. No idea what it should do, maybe better prioritisation of targets or something, but just better AI.

A rune that gives the Dogs a taunt.

A rune that gives the Dogs a pounce ability - allowing it to jump x feet to the target.
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All those ideas are better then what they are now. Leads me to believe blizzard really didn't think about it.
Id prefer temp summons, ranged attacks, or leap though. Ranged attack could be poison damage, to satisfy those people out there.

Maybe the rune changes the dogs to deal no direct damage, except return a percentage damage they sustain as poison damage.
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