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What would make you happy?

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A warning to all of you guys; do not mix your D3 needs with your love affairs.

Cheers and good luck to all of you to get an invite before the weekend (long weekend for us canadians)!

but what if my dream girl is a cute little chinese gold farmer
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GF: Hey hun, what would make you happy?
ME: Right now? Well I could sure use an invite to the D3 beta...

Fail. Are you 12 years old? Your answer to "what would make you happy" is Diablo!? I'm anxious for D3, too, but if my girlfriend is looking for ways to make me happy, there are a few new moves I've been wanting to try out.
*talks in a low slow voice* That's just nastyy
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Hey hey guys there's no need to call out names nor pull out arguments. This was only meant in good fun!

10/07/2011 10:28 AMPosted by Predat
OP that sounds like something Tim the Toolman Taylor would say if he was a gamer, you just upgraded to [Mancard+1]

Thank you sir. I shall cherish this new, manly ID card! Do you have any ideas what bonuses it gives me?

10/07/2011 10:31 AMPosted by Loren
All Blizzard staff are incredibly good looking and charismatic, and as such they are all married or spoken for already unfortunately.

I am sure they are but I like to think my girlfriend is attractive to the point it could break a married couple! Mwahaha! (Kidding, of course! I wouldn't wish that to anyone!)

Cheers all!
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If she storms out of the room then it's not meant to be, if she laughs her !@# off with you then you know she's a keeper.
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I love how people try to give advice on how to keep a woman but don't realize how much freedom they're giving up. What's this whole thing about playing a role just to keep the woman happy? Are you really suggesting to not be yourself and give the woman answers that she wants to hear?

The issue here isn't that he should have not mentioned diablo 3, it's that his gf lacks a sense of humour, just as the OP stated.
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Double fail. There's a lot more to happiness than a physical relationship.

Triple fail? (not on you Giraffasaur but on the failure you quoted)
1. You should be with a girlfriend that gets your humour and appreciates it, like Orkasm was mentioning.

2. If you need the opportunity of your gf asking "What would make you happy?" To try out any new moves or anything along those lines, then you fail hard. Man up, grow a pair and just bring it up/do it when you want to do it. Don't explore the physical aspects of the relationship one step at a time if it's based on how many times per month you're "bummed out" and looking for pity.

Just some responses in this thread reek of Pu$$y whippings.

i agree, man up and get it while shes sleeping. pussies these days...
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What would make me happy?

A girlfriend... :(
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GF: What if I madly fall in love with that person and decide to stay there?
ME: I would be absolutely crushed - nothing would ever give me joy again.
GF: Even a beta key?
ME: Of course not.
GF: I love you even though you're a giant nerd. I'm cooking you dinner.
ME: Actually that sounds great. I feel better already. I was being really silly about a stupid video game.

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10/07/2011 10:24 AMPosted by dOOm
Just some responses in this thread reek of Pu$$y whippings.

thats a phrase i used when i was 13 too homie

youre immature :P

I could really care less about your view on maturity, especially from someone making assumptions based on my opinion. Especially being called 13 and immature by someone who's referring to me as "homie"

I love the internet :P It's great how the uneducated masses are still allowed access via the public library :)
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Hey guys,

There's no need to fight over something this trivial really... We can all agree I made a bad joke, and my girlfriend really didn't react that badly, if i recollect well she found it somewhat amusing but didn't want to follow-up any further on the subject. A joke is a joke after all...

So yeah we all share opinions and different life experiences at this point, but it's not a valid reason to make this a flame war, internet or not.

Let's just let the positive vibes chyme in and possible help us get some of that sweet Diablo nectar soon... :)
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