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So I am bored and creative so this is something I know I'll enjoy and hopefully there are others out there like me.

The goal of the game is to generate and discuss ideas for quest in a constructive and fun matter. Be respectful and please note the this is just for fun and not necessarily what is thought will actually be in the game.

Some things to include:

Quest title:

Quest type: (example: inferno specific, random, class specific etc.)

Quest description:

Most importantly have fun! I'll post an idea soon.
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Quest name: fallen hero

Quest type: random/back story

Quest start: random child/young adult found in abandoned house filled with monsters tells you that dad/mom is down stair and is mentally not well please save him/her.

Quest description: there are two levels to the basement, the first is spent fighting monster finding treasures and there are 2 possible related journals to find each belonging to the person you're sent to rescue. One journal describes his training as one of the classes from D2. The other describes his/her frustration with those whom choose to forget the events of 20 years earlier.
The second floor is much smaller and littered with the bodies of freshly slain demons. Here the journal writer stands reminded of the horrors of 20 years ago and afflicted by the nightmares that have driven him/her mad he/she turns on you and you must kill this fallen hero.
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that quest would be awesome and a nice tie-in to diablo two like "The Summoner" in Diablo 2 was (supposedly) the mage from Diablo 1. Maybe also do something like this with the den of fallen, in the back is a crazed <diablo 2 class> mutilating a fallen shaman's corpse.
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Thanks. I really wanted to try to start with something strong and something people could connect to as appose to just some random quest idea. I was hoping this would help spark some more content creation but apparently I'm the only one that is going to enjoy having a specific place to post ideas. Oh well, I'll post another quest idea soon.
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*Disclaimer: This idea is based off events that happened between d2 and d3 but may not be entirely accurate to the lore.

Quest name: Betrayed

Quest type: Barbarian Specific/Random

Quest Start:Find a wounded barbarian dying just outside a cave or dungeon. He tells you of a traitor he has followed here, a Barbarian that help in the fall of Harrogath. As you go through the dungeon hunting the traitor you find journals depicting why he did it, his growing failth as one of the cultists and hints of plans to recruit more cultists. On the second floor there are people tied up with cultist praying to/ at them, converting them into cultist. After fighting through this you fight the traitor on this floor.
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Quest title: Leave no one behind.

Quest type: Dungeon

The Quest: A Solo-able quest, that simulates a Multi-Player dungeon. You arrive to a scene where several Other adventurers are waiting, three are discussing strategy, and you notice a Paladin crouching in a corner. Suddenly He "wakes up" Utters a Battle cry and rushes in.

The opponents consist of small, low hit point, but ranged "demons" (Like D2 Act I's Fallen shaman, Act III's Fetish, or Act IV's Imps) in Large numbers, and the quest involves saving as many party members as you can (Best with an AOE ability that wipes them out quickly) When the number of NPCs are saved, they could take care of themselves, and infact turn the tide quickly. (They're kinda like the Barbs in Act V, or Flavie from Act I)
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10/25/2011 09:37 PMPosted by FiveTwelve
Quest title: Leave no one behind.

I loved the feel of fighting along side the barbarians in Act 5, it gave the world a lot of depth IMO. Though I think the idea of specifying the enemy type to much would push away to many build types from participating in your quest. Don't want to discourage diversity.

It would be cool to hear the quest quotes from this; a band of warriors trying, as you are, to fight back against the Burning Hells only they suck at it. It would have a very empowering feel, reminding the player that not everyone can be a bada$$.
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The "mobs" doesn't have to be specific, I kinda used them as stand in for the Black Whelps from the WoW Dungeon that inspired it. Basically the Quest is about Preventing Leeroy Jenkins from screwing up this Dungeon raid.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Quest name: D&Diablo

Quest type: Random one time event in a small (1 level) dungeon area

Quest info: Humorous quest in which you are wandering through swarms of hell spawn only to stumble upon a "group of adventurers" gathered around a table. They seem to look rather young to be venturing into this dungeon alone, but they consist of what appear to be dresses as adventurers. One is wearing a pointy hat, another is holding what appears to be a foam axe, another is sitting next to a bow and is wearing a set of very fake pointy ears. The last of them is looking sinisterly over the edge of a book that is nearly as big as he is.
Anyway, you talk with these D&D players and they elicit your help to get back home since they were recently surrounded by monsters.
If you do this quest you will later come across another one in which you find "the real adventurers" which apparently came to life and are acting out the story as they were set to it and must accompany them through a small quest chain and escape the will of the dungeon master.
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Quest: The Murderous Husband

Quest type: random/act II specific

Quest Info: a ghost of a local woman appears in one of the dungeons. She beseech you to help kill her husband, a serial killer who has also murdered each of his seven previous wives. In order to do this you need to head to the room where seven butchered bodies of women dangle from the ceiling. In this room you'll find the seventh wife's diary, which reveals the location of each woman's ghost. You need to talk to all of the ghosts in order to unlock the serial killer's boudoir, where you'll encounter him.

When you complete the quest, the ghostly woman will reward you with two random bottles of dyes and a rare item.
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