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Health Globe Build!

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Active Skills
Firebats - crimson - Channeled Massive AoE dmg

Grasp of the Dead - Alabaster - AoE Slow, a little dmg, and health globe drops!

Soul Harvest - Alabaster - Increase weapon dmg and apply more dmg

Sacrifice - Crimson - AoE burst dmg that will increase overall weapon dmg

Zombie Dogs - Golden - Meat shield that can be sacrificed to increase dmg and give health globe drops to increase survivability, cast sustainability, and further increase weapon dmg.

Hex - Obsidian - CC and create a ticking time bomb who's dmg is increased by 20%.

Passive Skill
Zombie Handler - 1 more zombie dog for more meat

Circle of Life - Mana!
Gruesome Feast - Dmg!
Best combo to give health globes a boost that no other class can receive!

I know alot of folks dont like hex but, i do because of its runes at versatility. Hex with obsidian will remove 2-3 demons from the fight permanently, and turn them into poison bombs. The increased in 20% damage to Hexed targets will allow me to down these units with Zombie Dog sacrifices, Grasp of the Dead, Soul Harvest, and Firebats quickly to increase AoE dmg output.
Another upside to hex are the different runes. For boss fights i can use Golden Rune for heals, or when fighting elites Alabaster to increase dmg. I think Hex is better than what people give it credit for. Its versatility makes me consider it in all of my builds.
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I like this concept. Very solid AOE damage.

You might need to play co-op with a Barbarian or Monk who is standing in the middle of the battle and picking up health globes, because you can't move while casting Firebats. You need to pick up 1 globe every 10 seconds to keep Gruesome Feast stacked.

Here's a variation that might work better for solo play:


Switched Firebats Crimson for Acid Cloud Obsidian for AOE nuke/dot. Slimes may work better for keeping up damage while you run around picking up globes. Also, they start doing more DPS than Dire Bats when you have 5 slimes on the ground, and twice as much DPS as Dire Bats when you have 11 slimes on the ground.

Also switched Hex for Gargantuan. Without a co-op teammate, you might need a tank up front. Hopefully his 3-second stun goes off at least once every 10 seconds, so you can grab some health globes and run back to safety without getting hit.

Hopefully Grasp of the Dead's rune effect works so that all enemies that die in the Grasp while it is up get the 65% chance to produce a health globe. If Grasp's 50% weapon DPS has to make the killing blow for this to work, that rune won't be very good.

Once you get good gear with mana regen, you can swap out Circle of Life for Vermin/Pierce the Veil for even more damage.
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i like both your ideas for HG witch doctors, here is my spin on it..

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Do multiple snares stack? You have it from Poison Dart and Grasp.

Also, after thinking about this last night, I'm starting to think that Spiritual Attunement is almost always going to be better than Circle of Life. You would have to pick up at least 1 globe every 4-5 seconds using Circle of Life to be on par with Spiritual Attunement mana regen, and there won't always be globes during certain parts of encounters.
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Wow this is a fascinating build.
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yes but that's why i have, sacrifice, boogie man w/ final gift; so i can count on at least 2 globes form the sacrificed dogs, but i may need to get mana regen items but that shouldnt be build breaking, and i have 2 snares so i can kite lesser monsters while still slowing my main target...
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I love how shockdamost took over this thread. Your build isnt good because its a summoner build and that was the exact thing i was getting away from. Plus your going to be in cooldown purgatory every fight with bigbad voodoo and fetish army.

As far as uberstein i dont want gargantuan because i dont want to feel like a summoner, i plan on wielding a shield and taking some hits. Casters that just sit in the back letting their minions do all the work is never fun. I took your idea into consideration but i will also have a merc and i am unsure of which i will pick at this point. I want an enchantress cause they seem to be the utility companion but i can go with the ranged or melee depending on their skills and how they work with my spells.
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lol you act as if i will need to spam big bad voodoo or fetish army they are situational, lol hints no cool down reduction, where does is say in your post that your avoiding summoning WD for your HG build? spamming Grasp with produce plenty of HG, and my dogs can be sacrifice if i get overwhelmed. i really don't see how my build no good, nor did you give suggestions on how you think i could improve it.... pro
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I didnt give advice cause the entire build should be scrapped. Your main damage spell is a single target spell that slows down movement. Your big bad voodoo and fetish army wouldnt be situational since you have no spells that are going to produce damage. Like i said poison dart is single target, grasp of dead shouldnt be considered for its damage rather its slow and HG drops. Poison dart and grasp of dead are stepping on top of each other because you already have one slow no need for the second, since you can reposition yourself with grasp of dead to get any stragglers. Your biggest damage is going to come from sacrifice which you will need dogs to do but youve removed zombie handler. so you wont have any meat shield on the battle field, unless fetish army is out, since you'll be using them to do your damage cause poison darts and grasp of dead cant. Which leaves big bad voodoo and fetish army that will be needed for every fight because you dont have enough meat to tank damage and dont have enough damage to down large packs of demons. Your pierce of veil is also going to slow you down more since you dont have any mana regen included into your build so all your gear will be set around mana regen.

So our two builds. You have reduced AoE to nothing, so big mobs are going to be a pain, youve reduced damage output by removing soulharvest and hex, youve become more summon dependent since your only damage spell is poison dart which is single target, you have cooldown issues, manan issues, and most of all your ridiculous build swapped out zombie handler for pierce of veil, so you swapped out an additional 40% from sacrifice and meat for 20% increased damage and increasing mana output by 30%.

I didnt want to comment on it because you put no thought into your build. Spells dont build off each other, no serious damage is being put out, and like i said before your going to be in cooldown and mana purgatory
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lol with sacrifice i +120% damage, +50% gruesome feast+30% veil, i don't think i with have problems with damage output, and 10% mana return from globes is gonna be op during late game and i get a larger mana pool from my equipment. and if it turns out that my damage isn't enough i can re-rune dart w/ a red...

i think you need to realize that the majority of the game experience is going to be party evolved, and i think in a party this witch doctor can be very effective,

i will mostly likely have the option to spec for globe radius pick up, it possibly be effective

i find it funny that i can be in mana purgatory, explain that? what mana heavy spell do i have that isn't on a cooldown? i will laugh if you say grasp....
i dont know , you seem like your trolling me with your flawed logic
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Flawed logic? Pierce of veil is 20% damage with increasing mana cost by 30%, that is where you are going to run into mana problems. The opportunity costs you are swapping that for Zombie Handler is idiotic with this build. Pierce of Veil = 20% damage + 30% mana cost increase versus Zombie Handler = 1 more zombie dog = survivability + higher damage output + 40% damage increase due to sacrifice.
Also, i never make a build that depends on other champions, where yours does. If you were to solo you would need to split up big bad voodoo and fetish army inorder to move at a reasonable pace. But, if you need both to survive your fight you would be stuck in cooldown purgatory between each fight because you cant survive without both being casted.
And for mana purgatory you will be spamming poison dart all the time. that is your only damage spell and it only effects one target; meaning each target on the field is going to require their own cast of poison dart. With pierce of veil increasing mana cast by 30%, your going to fly through mana and only take one target down at a time hoping they drop a health globe.
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