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Breakdown Blue, Get Yellow Ess.

as a response to this closed thread, are you able to get yellows from blue, because i got that earlier and i was confused.
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yes you are, there is a small chance of it happening it seems, but it is indeed possible. i also broke down a yellow ring and only got a blue crafting item from it. works both ways i guess
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It's like I said in the locked thread. Works both ways.

I have got white and yellow from blue items, and I have got bark and blue from yellow items, as well as got yellow from legendary items.

Yes, I have sc#*%@d a LOT of items.

Edit: Hmm, filter dosn't allow me to say that I have s.c.r.@.p.p.3.d items ^^ LOL
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The only rares I've melted and not got a tooth, have been rings. This is what the OP of the locked thread was asking about, bit annoying that it was locked with an only partially relevant response. Seems like the chance of a tooth from a ring is lower, at least.
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10/10/2011 11:31 PMPosted by Fluf
Edit: Hmm, filter dosn't allow me to say that I have s.c.r.@.p.p.3.d items ^^ LOL

Silly filter. But you might as well call it the correct term: salvaging.
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66 Human Rogue
You can find legendary items in the beta??
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10/15/2011 01:48 PMPosted by Terrify
You can find legendary items in the beta??

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10/10/2011 07:19 PMPosted by Fellupahill
are you able to get yellows from blue

I have gotten 3 yellows from blues (I salvage all non-ornate blues i get that I don't need, so that's like a .5% of all that I've salvaged)

(Ornate is a magic modifier that makes it sell to the vendor for more, so I vendor those)

I didn't know that at first, so when I found 2 in my inventory without having salvaged any yellows, I was puzzled how they got there. I eventually saw it happen on a third one.
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