Hellow everyone!, lets play a simple game:

A player posts a build meant for 1v1 PvP, and explains a little how it would work.

The next player posts a build that he thinks it could counter the previous build, and explains why he thinks so...

Then the next players counters the build that countered the last...and so on.

You can chose any class you like, dont need to keep same class than last poster.

Ill start!


I chose a Wizard, and the build is:



Well the main idia of this build is to spam ray of frost and Hydras.
Ray of frost is just to slow down the enemie, while Hydras do the most dmg.

I also added meteor to finish ppl with one high burst of damage when they expect it the less.
I used indigo rune on it since it seems to be the rune that can add the most dmg. The only problem with it is that the 14 meteors may take a while to hit a target, but since i have a good slow, it should work well all together.

Familiar plays both a defensive and offensive role here, it adds a bit of dmg, a slow with the passive of temporal flux, and also the alabaster rune makes it a great spell for PvP.


For defense i got slows from both ray of frost and arcane hydras+familiar with temporal flux.
Since i have a lot of slows, i should be able to stay out of melee range as much as i can.

In case some player charges me or reaches me in some way, I can teleport away fast....if teleport is on cooldown and he makes tons of dmg the cooldown will be reset since i have Illusionist passive.
I like the Obsidian rune on it since it gives a nice dmg reduction for 16 seconds, and since its cloodown is 16 seconds, you can have it all the time.

Also i have diamond skin with the bonus absorb. Since i expect to use it only in specific situations, when i know im realy going to take a lot of dmg, i prefer this rune over the one that incrases duration, or over another armor spell.


Astral presence is to make sure i dont run out of ap too fast, so i can spam more hyras and always have some extra ap for teleport/diamond or a meteor.